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Buffy : Season 8

10 Good Things About Buffy Season 8

Saturday 5 February 2011, by Webmaster

When approaching a list with the title: “The top ten good things about BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – SEASON 8 comics,” a person has to stop and really consider the subject matter. A normal season of a television show is just that: one season, or a year, or 23 or so episodes.

Well, BUFFY – SEASON EIGHT started in 2007 and just finished in 2011. That’s a long storyline to keep track of with lots of BUFFY alum scribes, and other comic writers coming and going to keep the stories fresh and interesting. For the most part “Season Eight” has some interesting moments, and some revelations that make you do a double take.

But, now everything is wrapped up with 40 issues and some one-shots. Before “Season Nine” starts, and before Spike and Angel move to Dark Horse Comics from IDW, let’s look at some of the favorite highlights for our resident Slayer and her Scooby Gang.

1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer Returns!

Who would have thought that several years after the show went off the air, that fans would have a cannon continuing story to follow, much less one involving Joss Whedon and a lot of the BUFFY scribes? This was a triumphant return of a much loved universe, and good or bad, people went crazy for it.

2) Buffy and Fray Crossover

I personally enjoyed the future slayer story that Joss crafted a few years back for Dark Horse. Set in a dystopian future Fray ends up being the first Slayer called in forever, and she possesses the Slayer’s axe that Buffy had in Season Seven. So to bring Buffy herself into that universe was great to see, and it tied everything together nicely.

3) Buffy + Angel + Spike Sex Dream

I think that one speaks for itself.

4) Dark Witch Willow Supreme Being

In the future where Buffy has to team up with thief and Slayer Fray, the Big Bad is none other than my favorite Dark Witch Willow. Willow has been around for a long time in the future time line, and she is even darker than before. A further twist on the lovable character. Plus Dark Witch Willow has always been a warm fuzzy for me.

5) Giles and Faith Together Again For the First Time

Never the best of friends, Giles and Faith end up taking on missions together after Buffy essentially stops having any use for either of them. This created some nice new dynamics for these two, and Giles even leaves everything to Faith in his will.

6) Buffy Under a Fellow Slayer’s Umbrella

Buffy explores her bi-sexual side with a fellow slayer. An interesting plot twist that turned heads, and made lots of news.

7) A Revisiting of the BUFFY ANIMATED SERIES

One issue (mainly in the form of dream sequences) came back to the ill-fated BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER ANIMATED SERIES. This stand alone comic gave fans a taste of what the show might have been like.

8 ) Harmony Gets a TV Show

Everyone’s favorite dingy vamp came back into the mix just long enough to bother Buffy and the Slayers and in the process ended up with her own TV show. Just a small piece of inspired brilliance during the comic run.

9) Super Human Buffy

It was kind of just cool to see Buffy with all manner of new powers akin to those of Superman. You will believe a Slayer can fly.

10) Spike and Angel Return to the Fold

Some of the Spike and Angel comics over at IDW have been brilliant, but it was still nice to see them return to the Buffy Universe proper. Even though Angel was Twilight and Spike showed up in a spaceship piloted by big bugs.