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2007 - The year in the Back on the Comic Book Catalog (whedonverse mentions)

Monday 28 January 2008, by Webmaster

Yes, everyone does a year end look at trends. Want an opinion of what sold well for DC, Marvel and the rest of the guys in the front of the Diamond catalog? It’s not hard to find one. Want to hear about how well the collected edition of 300 sold? Personally, I’m waiting for the annual BookScan list to get leaked, but that’s just me, but you can find discussions about that elsewhere, too. What I’m going to look at are the independent publishers who dwell in the back of the Diamond Previews catalog, a section many comic shopkeepers skim over, or even skip entirely. And because there’s been enough gloom and doom this week, I’m going to glance over the sales estimates and try and pick out the high points for the various publishers. What is the best that a publisher has been able to do? What could you reasonably expect to do if you jumped into the back of the catalog? Call it a benchmark. Call it a series of high water marks. Let’s start with the monthly issue, or “pamphlet” as some people call them.

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