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Abraham Benrubi

Abraham Benrubi - "Miss Congeniality 2" Movie Premiere - Photos

Thursday 28 May 2020, by Webmaster

March 23, 2005 - Abraham Benrubi At "Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous" U.S. Premiere at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California.

Abraham Benrubi is an American actor born on October 4, 1969 in Indianapolis, Indiana (United States).

This actor who measures 2.01 m and becomes cult in 1990 thanks to the role of Kubiac in the series Parker Lewis. The series lasted three seasons then, in 1994, he became Jerry in the ER series, until the end of the series in 2009.

In Buffy The Vampire Slayer (BTVS), he played the character of Olaf (a troll) in the episode "Triangle" (Season 5 Episode 11) and "Selfless" (Season 7 Episode 5).

Abraham Benrubi - "Miss Congeniality 2" Movie Premiere - Photos - Gallery

IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-01-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-01-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-02-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-02-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-03-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-03-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-04-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-04-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-05-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-05-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-06-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/abraham-benrubi-miss-congeniality-2-premiere-06-1500.jpg

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