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Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin - "The Poseidon Adventure" Tv Movie - Premieres Oct. 9th 2005

Thursday 6 October 2005, by Webmaster

The New Poseidon Adventure (2005) (USA)

Action | (PG) | 200 mins |

As the luxury liner SS Poseidon slices through the waters of an ocean storm, the greatest danger is already on board - a terrorist with an explosive message for the world. Only minutes into the new year the bomb detonates, capsizing the ship in the rolling seas. The ship is held upside down as the survivors make their way up to the hull. They include Richard Clarke, a husband and father torn between a mistress he must save and the family he can’t live without; European pop star Aimee Bedier, embarking on an American career and a new Hollywood marriage; Belle Rosen, a widow enduring in the name of her beloved late husband; and Rogo and his prisoner Badawi, handcuffed together. In the twisted metal wreck of the inverted ship they must battle the inevitable as the Poseidon sinks deeper and deeper into depths. From this nightmare a drama of human spirit and resilience emerges, attesting to the strength of the human will to survive against all odds.