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Alexa Davalos

Alexa Davalos - "Reunion" Tv Series - Wonderfalls-Firefly like cancellation

Sunday 11 December 2005, by Webmaster

Question: Now that Reunion’s producers have announced that there is not going to be a resolution to the murder, or any of the other story lines, why is Fox going to bother airing the rest of the 13 episodes? I like the show and will be sorry not to see how it unfolds, but what is the point of airing six more episodes of a show that is going nowhere? It seems more logical to either let the show run the whole season or to cut their losses and air something else. The audience certainly isn’t going to increase after an announcement like this. I’m very disappointed in Fox for not giving the show a chance (not that I’m surprised), but even more disappointed with the writers and producers who can’t come up with a bone to throw to those of us who have been watching. - Beth

Matt Roush: I think I got mail from every single Reunion fan out there in the wake of the cancellation and the producers’ statement that they weren’t going to be able to wrap up the whodunit by the 13th and final episode. This letter seemed to sum up the frustration most concisely. Many wrote in, as always, to slam Fox for continuing in the tradition of John Doe, Wonderfalls, Firefly (too many to count, probably) and jerking viewers around by drawing them into a high-concept premise only to pull the show before a suitable resolution can be presented. But I side with those who also hold this show’s creative team responsible. Whatever made them think they’d actually make it beyond 13 episodes, given the time period and other variables? This isn’t Proust, for crying out loud. Or even Dickens, for that matter. And while I am usually a proponent of people maintaining loyalty toward a show as long as it airs, I have to agree with Beth and many others who wonder why Fox is continuing to air episodes of a story that we now know will have no satisfying finish. It’s one thing to have hope, however flimsy - it’s another way to simply torture yourself. This is just a mess, no matter how you look at it.