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Alexa Davalos - "Reunion" Tv Series - Killer Revealed ! - Spoilers

mercredi 18 janvier 2006, par Webmaster

Announcement : HOLY CRAP, REUNION

Posted By : kristin

Created in : Forum : Watch with Kristin

Posted : Jan 17, 2006 11:28 AM

I’m ... just ... I can’t .... believe ... my ears ...

Fox Prez Peter Liguori just announced who was supposed to be Sam’s killer ... officially killing any hope of another network picking up the show.

Guess everyone will know now : It was Sam’s daughter, Amy.

However, I have it on high authority that at the last minute, right before the show was canceled, they were planning to change the killer to someone else, which I will tell you about in our next chat, along with the reason Jenna harbored such a hatred for Craig, and why he ended up in a wheelchair.

The bottom line is, I think that, sadly, tragically, it might be time to give up all hope on Reunion coming back anywhere.

I also asked David Janolari yesterday if the WB was interested in picking up Reunion and he said, "no."

Talk about a post-Globes buzz kill. This sucks.

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