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From Herald-dispatch.com

‘Alias’ gets a different vibe

Sunday 11 July 2004, by xanderbnd

This month, Greg Grunberg and the rest of the "Alias" cast will begin filming a new season of the cult hit ABC program starring Jennifer Garner. Set as a midseason replacement with new episodes airing in January, "Alias" will be different next season, says Grunberg, who plays agent Eric Weiss. The wacky Rambaldi plotline, with its 500-year-old prophecy of doom, will dissipate, and each episode will be self-contained. Viewers can expect an uninterrupted 20-episode run of new shows.

In the meantime, Grunberg has been working on a pilot about a bounty hunter called "The Catch" for ABC. Co-starring with Orlando Jones and Don Rickles, Grunberg has been developing the show with J.J. Abrams, the "Alias" creator who also worked with Grunberg on teen drama "Felicity." "It’s going to be funny, but it’s action. I’ve always wanted to do a comedy. I did eight episodes of a comedy for NBC with Jason Bateman that never aired."

Unfortunately, this one may not, either. It wasn’t given a spot on the fall schedule.