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Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan At Culver City - Hollywood PrivacyWatch

Saturday 8 January 2005, by Webmaster

Hollywood PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are sent in by our readers. Send yours to tips@defamer.com and let Bruce Willis know the shine off of his head is ruining your high-priced meal.

In today’s post-holiday episode: Cameron Diaz playing with scarfs at Neiman-Marcus; Michelle Pfeiffer buying her own sundried at Rite-Aid; Paris Hilton potentially lowering Katana’s health grade by a full letter; Faith Ford frowning on the 3rd St, Promenade and Nicolas Cage looking creepy at the Ivy; Kirsten Dunst in Silver Lake; Tyra Banks; Christina Aguilera; Hipster it-couple Jason Schwartzman and Zooey Deschanel; Jason Lee; Jason Bateman; Donald Faison; Mike White; Alyson Hannigan; Rachel Hunter; Mark McGrath; Cojo; Ryan Cabrera; Erik Estrada; Sinbad; Some dude from Last Comic Standing.

· I was checking out the shoe sale, waaay out of my league but fun to browse, at Neiman-Marcus last night (12/22) around 5p in BH and saw Cameron Diaz trying on scarfs with a friend. Just looked like she was wasting time but having a fun shopping. Her face looked well made up, contrasting with other times I’ve seen her. I saw some little girls giggling and pointing to her. It was sweet.

·Saw Michelle Pfeiffer coming out of Rite Aid in Westwood Village on the day of Christmas Eve. She looks good - swathed head to toe in black, movie star sunglasses natch, and was immediately swept away by a big chauffeur driven tinted SUV. Lucky for her - parking in Westwood is a bitch.

· I picked up my boyfriend’s brother from LAX flying in from Denver. For the evenings events we ventured to the Sunset Strip to entertain the out of town guest, show off the hot spots. I thought the Sunset strip would be an appropriate place to try and have a celeb sighting, I figured at least we would be able to see some C-list celeb from the WB. Low and behold we hit the jack pot, it was like Santa’s fat ass showed up several days early. After a fantastic dinner on the patio of Katana, Paris Hilton walked in to join the table next to us. Looking totally made up and super blond, Paris & her extensions were decked out in a retro looking cheerleader sweater. The grand dame of celebrity smut graced us with her presence; it was a wonderful Christmas gift.

· on xmas eve saw faith ford shopping at banana republic on the 3rd street promenade. wasn’t sure it was her at first, what with the disguise of sweats, no make up, belly hanging out and dirty hair in a pony tail. what really threw me was her ability to frown — like a permanently disapproving librarian or an uptight member of Concerned Women of America. scary!

later that night, leaving the ivy on robertson, we came face to face with nicholas cage and his pocket wife alice. while he was dressed very nicely, there’s something kind of scary about his smile. like you just know he could go off any second. imagine my delight when i read in the la weekly the next day that he’d been voted creepiest smile!

· Kirsten Dunst @ Eat Well (Silverlake) for Tuesday lunch. Black shirt and jeans, eating with girlfriend, sitting outside on patio...couldn’t scope out what they were eating (b/c we’re just not that intrusive) and they didn’t do anything embarrassing (rats).

· Sunday night at 1 am at Swingers...the Olsen Twins and a male companion sippied Diet Cokes in a booth in the back...they were staring at everyone in the diner, judging...when no one came up to them, they snagged their bill and left...both were decked out in their usual homeless-meets-Stevie Nicks garb and looked awful...home for Xmas perhaps?

· Next Top Model Host & Alien doppelganger Tyra Banks was at the Improv Olympic Monday night. She came in with three friends and stayed at the bar during the second act, singing Christmas Carols really loud, interrupting the show. I wanted to tell her how much I hated Ya Ya and love Janet Dickinson, but totally chickened out. She is stunning.

· At celeb-obsessed strip-mall sushi joint Hamasaku Monday (1/3) night trying to shed some lbs after the holidays (taking out the rice helps, right????). Christina Aguilera rolled in with her boyfriend, who looks, in appearance, demeanor and fashion, alarmingly similar to Kevin Spears (ne Federline). They darted immediately to the celeb-reserved corner table at the back (past sightings of Topher Grace and entourage). My girlfriend attempted the bathroom recon but management had placed a cutesy Japanese screen to block the action. My own recon fared little better. She’s very pretty, tight white wool pants, boring top and pink hat that was a few shades lighter than her lip gloss. Everyone left her, and her brand new white Rollys Royce out front, alone.

· i just walked right into jason schwartzman and zooey deschanel at ikea in burbank, buying a huge cartload of shit. guess they’re moving in together? jason is about 3 feet tall and was dressed like a huge spaz. zooey looked tired and pissed off, but later they were kissing in the pick-up area waiting for their ride.

· I saw cute actor (and former pro skateborder) Jason Lee in a full beard at IKEA in Burbank at around 4:20 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 28. He was alone and rushing through the store. He caught me noticing him and I was so embarrassed! Later that same day I also saw actress Leslie Bibb of WB’s show "Popular" at IKEA. She is cute but very thin!

· Saw Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman and his wife (girlfriend?) having lunch at un-fancy Amir’s Falafel in a Studio City mini-mall on Sunday. They ordered lots of food, but told the guy to hold the pita bread. He looked preppy, pale and clean. She’s not that pretty, which makes me like him even more.

· Saw Scrubs second-fiddle Donald Faison waiting to pick up his bags at Long Beach Airport from his JetBlue flight from JFK. (JetBlue? Does he know something about his show getting canceled that he needs to start flying on the cheap?) He was with a girlfriend-type, a pretty actress whose name and credits escape me, and a woman that was apparently her mother (quite MILF-y as well—is Donald living the dream?). Unlike every other celebrity in the world, he seemed much taller in person.

· Almost body-checked Mike White across the street from Urth Caffe on Beverly. MW looks exactly the same in real life as he does on screen. He emerged in a scurry from the parking garage we were entering, and I rapped mightily on my companion’s arm so as to silently say "Look! Mike White! He wrote my favorite episode of Freaks and Geeks!" My companion was slightly less enthused. I think he was still having "Chuck and Buck" flashbacks.

· Alyson Hannigan was the latest in a long (really long) line of celebs stopping by to see Neil Patrick Harris in "The Paris Letter" at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City. She looked great and was all smiles. Her hair was chopped pretty short, but really is glowingly red!

· Not sure if this one is noteworthy or not, but my friends and I saw Rachel Hunter shopping at Planet Blue today in the Malibu Colony Plaza. The paparazzi went rampant, snapping shots through the shop window, and then, as she left, surrounding her large, tinted-out SUV to get some more. Who knew that anyone watched the New Gilligan’s Island anyway?

· New Year’s Eve day, Greenblatt’s: Mark McGrath, dressed in ALL black leather (c’mon, how obvious!) and with a girl who I have to say was cute but nothing outrageous. Didn’t seem to have fake boobs or anything, which amazed me. Mark was trying to be "low key" and anonymous but no one - including my boyfriend - recognized him besides me and some girl waiting in the deli counter line.

New Year’s Day night, The Arclight: Stephen Cojocaru (had to look up how to spell his freaky last name) - of PEOPLE magazine fame. (How can you be famous simply for WRITING in PEOPLE magazine??) Coming out of the bathroom (mens), with that freaky-ass, flat-ironed, highlighted ’do of his. Just as tacky in real life. I was fascinated. Once again, my boyfriend blew right by him, no clue as to who he was. At least these two celebrity sightings confirm my boyfriend is straight. He whines - why don’t we ever see Lindsey Lohan instead?

· Saw Ryan Cabrera at Target in West Hollywood. Dressed in a vintage Def Leppard tee (was he alive when they were big?) and Diesels. Browsing the cd section, going unnoticed as far as I could tell. Oh, and ps? He was looking at his own cd. Embarrassing.

·It turns out that if your husband has bronchitis, and is behaving like a squalling infant, and he demands that you go to Rite Aid at 8pm to procure him some nasal spray, despite the fact that he’s already using a prescription inhaler and codeine-laced cough syrup, well, it turns out that you’ll run into ERIK ESTRADA at the Rite Aid in Studio City, and, well, believe it or not, it’ll turn out that he’s buying nasal spray, too. It’s an unimaginable coincidence and yet more evidence of my charmed life.

· Saw Sinbad lunching at The Country Deli in Chatsworth. WHY???????

· spotted f-lister "last comic standing" loser eddie pepitone on walking up vine from the borders on sunset. he looked like he was homeless, and he smiled at me when i gave him a second glance to see if he was who i thought he was. i asked him if he needed a dollar and he sort of scowled at me and kept walking.