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Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan - "Date Movie" - Thecelebritycafe.com Review

Carli Thorkelson

Saturday 4 March 2006, by isa

Date Movie requires one to be familiar with many different comedies made within the last 20 years in order to understand a lot of the references. The movie stars Alyson Hannigan (of Buffy fame) as Julia Jones, a woman in search of true love.

After a hilarious opening of Hannigan dancing in the street to “Milkshake,” dressed in a fat suit (best scene of the movie), she gets a makeover Pimp My Ride style. The movie parodies everything from When Harry Met Sally to Napoleon Dynamite and everything in between. There’s even an appearance by a Michael Jackson impersonator involving a child, a teddy bear and an alley. I think you get the picture.

Although this movie will probably get laughs from the younger crowd, it’s not for everyone. Most people will find that the jokes fall flat. The parody genre just might be dead after all.

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