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Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan - "Date Movie" - Comingsoon.net Review

Heather Newgen

Tuesday 14 February 2006, by Webmaster

Two of the six writers of Scary Movie, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, teamed up with 20th Century Fox to bring you the hilariously twisted romantic comedy Date Movie. The film spoofs numerous films like Pretty Woman, The Wedding Planner, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Meet the Parents, to name a few.

The movie starts off with Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan) looking for Mr. Right. She is an overweight, unattractive girl who is determined to find the man she is going to marry. But, she knows she needs some work and so she dances her way over to Hitch (Tony Cox) and he helps transform her into a thin, beautiful woman. She meets Grant Funckyerdoder (Adam Campbell), falls in love and brings him home to meet the family.

Hannigan looked so different wearing the fat suit that her co-star Eddie Griffin, who plays her dad, didn’t recognize her.

"That first day I didn’t even know that was her. My first day of shooting we shot the day at the restaurant and I was like who the hell is this fat chick that I’m acting with? We did the scene. We go to lunch and she’s out of that suit. Then I finally meet her. I’m like, ’Hey Alyson, how ya doing?’ And she’s like, ’we’ve been working together all morning.’ I was like, ’these makeup people are good,’" Griffin laughed.

Hannigan told Comingsoon.net that while it was difficult wearing the fat suit, she was only able to pull off a couple of the dance scenes as a result.

"It felt like I was wearing a mattress... The dancing, I did all the stuff you can see me. All the good stuff that looks really good wasn’t me. That was my dance double. The stuff that doesn’t look so good, that’s me."

This was Campbell’s first movie and he was intimidated to meet Hannigan. He was happy that the first time he met her was while she was in the fat suit.

"I was scared about meeting her and then I saw her the first day in half of her fat suit. She had a very slim, beautiful face and then an enormous body. That was the best way to meet because she was feeling terrible about herself and I was just sort of normal. I wasn’t in a fat suit...I was pleasantly surprised by how humble she is and how down to earth she is."

But, the best thing he liked about working as an actor was the food on the set.

"I’ve never eaten so well. I think that’s a big thing. I’m not normally a big eater. During this film everyday was like three course meals. Incredible food. If I wasn’t filming I would just be consuming all this wonderful stuff."

This was also Sophie Monk’s first film. She plays Andy, Grant’s gorgeous ex-fiancée who tries to break up the couple. While she is trying to get back together with Grant, she does an entertaining Paris Hilton spoof of the infamous Carl’s Jr. commercial.

"I’m a vegetarian. They just kept bringing burger after burger. I was like OMG. I started splattering burgers on me because I can’t eat them anymore. Towards the end I was putting it all in my hair and rubbing it all over me. I was such a mess by the end of it. I had tomato sauce all down my face. We had just done the milk scene before and my hair was getting hard. I smelled rotten."

For those people who haven’t seen one of the several films spoofed in Date Movie, Hannigan says not to worry.

"I think for people who haven’t seen all the movies it’s just funny anyways. It’s a funny situation. If they haven’t seen ’My Best Friend’s Wedding,’ they’ve seen a movie where they break out into song at the dinner table. You don’t have to know every movie to find the humor in the movie. I think it has enough of the crude humor to really make the guys like it, but it has this sort of sweetness for the girls. I really do think it’s the best of both worlds."

The film also stars Fred Willard and Jennifer Coolidge. Date Movie opens this Friday, February 17th.