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Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan - "Veronica Mars" Tv Series 2x09 - Aintitcool.com Review

Tuesday 29 November 2005, by Webmaster

Veronica Mars 2.9 FAQ

What’s it titled?

“My Mother, The Fiend.”

Who’s Responsible?

I don’t know.

What does TV Guide say?

“After taking a peek at her mom’s permanent record, Veronica tries to find out why her mother was once suspended from high school. She soon learns that a baby was left in a school bathroom on prom night in 1980 and she believes she knows who the infant grew up to be. Also, Weevil is ambushed by Logan; Trina Echolls returns to direct a school play and has a run-in with Kendall; and Beaver asks Kendall to work for him.”

Kendall Casablancas (“Buffy” alumna Charisma Carpenter) and Trina Echolls (“Buffy” alumna Alyson Hannigan) have a run-in? Is there torn clothing?

It’s much more of an encounter than a run-in, but really it’s a scene that exists mostly to make hardcore “Buffy” fans (like myself) pee their pants a little.

Are there any inside jokes referencing a shared Scooby past?

None that I noticed, happily. They mainly snipe. Trina mocks Kendall for dating her high-schooler bro while Kendall mocks Trina for the sad state of her showbiz career.

Hannigan has her own sitcom on CBS, which was not the case when she appeared on “Veronica” last season. Is her appearance incredibly brief?

Perversely, Hannigan gets substantially more screen time in this, her third “Mars” episode, than she did her first two times around.

Would you still give this episode four stars if someone else had the roles of Trina and Kendall?

I would.

Given how central Lianne Mars is to this week’s plot, does Corinne Bohrer put in an appearance?

No. Not even in flashbacks.

Duncan read a note at the end of the last episode. Do we learn what it says? Not really. But we get what I’m guessing is a very strong hint.

Is Wallace back?

Were it not for the opening titles, you wouldn’t know he was even on this show anymore.

What else is TV Guide not telling us?

A teacher saddles Veronica and Duncan with a faux-infant - a “Baby Think It Over” - for which they must care throughout the episode (and perhaps beyond); Veronica’s cavalier abuse of this device is the source of much entertainment. Mac is helping the Beav with his new venture, the Phoenix Trust Company; don’t be surprised if those two couple up.

The big news?

We learn which real-life tiny three-named blonde movie star will be playing Veronica in “The Aaron Echolls Story.”

The bigger news?

There’s so much big news in this sweeps-closing installment, it makes my teeth hurt. Here’s what UPN sent along with the screener:

Please do not reveal who has been bound to the flag pole, any medical issues, the “prom baby’s” identity or parentage, the reveal of who played whom to get ahead in the end, or the episode’s final surprise ending.

What’s great?

The fact that 2.x is, rather improbably, evolving into something even better than the debut season. Veronica’s fake baby. Mary Mooney. The homage to “Wilder Things.” The homage to “Webster.” Yorick’s skull. The “Mean Girls” theme generally and “You’re lucky you’re made of plastic” in particular. The softer side of Trina. The Mac moves. The Logan/Weevil throwdowns. The Surreal Life reference. “Ooo, I was supposed to have a shot of tequila first!” “And I can’t use magic, right?” “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of paperwork.” “Heard your lights were out!” “The play is my master and I am its whore!” “Rode hard? Meet put away wet.” “And that would be bad, right?” “At least you brought the baby up this time.” “Ashton Kutcher is hiding somewhere. Ashton, come out!” “It’s the least Big Pat could do for me after leaving all those pervy messages on my voicemail.” “Do we have a slam-dunk lawsuit against the processed-food industry?” The big, big ending, and the many other fine attributes I am forbidden to reveal.

What’s not so great?

No Corinne Bohrer. The huge hiatus destined to follow this installment. The fact that we’re not permitted to reveal who’s bound to the flag pole, even though we get to see it in the teaser!

How does it end, spoiler-boy?

Given the UPN prohibitions, I I can’t say much. But very close to the end, Veronica finds something unpleasant in her refrigerator. Herc’s rating for “Veronica Mars” 2.9?


The Hercules T. Strong Rating System:
***** better than we deserve
**** better than most motion pictures
*** actually worth your valuable time
** as horrible as most stuff on TV
* makes you quietly pray for bulletins

9 p.m. Wednesday. UPN.

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