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Amber Benson

Amber Benson - ’Chance’ Movie - Even Buffy fans may not dig this

By Phoebe Flowers

Saturday 12 March 2005, by Webmaster

In Chance, Tara is alive. But she’s not a witch, involved with Willow or particularly nice. Spike, neither English nor a vampire (soul restored or otherwise), is her roommate. They live together in Los Angeles. Apparently he’s run out of TV shows to work on, or Lost hasn’t been created yet, because writer-producer David Fury is delivering pizza to them. Oh, and Lorne is still singing in nightclubs, although he’s no longer a demon. Without the horns and green makeup he’s actually kind of hot.

If the preceding does not make any sense to you, you are assuredly not the target audience for Chance. It’s an earnest but borderline unwatchable romantic comedy making its international commercial debut in Fort Lauderdale tonight. Amber Benson, who played sweet, ill-fated Tara on TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, forged her directorial debut (she also wrote and produced) in the spring of 2001. She sold glossy photographs of herself to fund the production. She also recruited James Marsters (Spike) and Andy Hallett (Lorne on sister show Angel) as co-stars.

It’s a noble effort. She seems like a lovely woman. But the movie has no appeal at all to non-Buffy fans. Even those who reside in the Buffyverse are likely to find themselves in substantial pain.

Benson stars as Chance, a trust-fund brat with little to do, it seems, but hook up with people indiscriminately and torment her roommate Simon (Marsters). Simon has severe body odor and works a job as a telemarketer that involves a clip-on tie. This is not our Spike.

The characters feel like walking versions of MySpace profiles, all laboriously crafted "clever" posturing and ceaseless profanity of the sort teens use to try to shock older acquaintances. "I am a conscientious objector in the game of life," Chance tells someone she’s trying to impress. The line exemplifies a script that was clearly inspired by the snappy dialogue of Buffy creator Joss Whedon, but does not come close to capturing its appeal.

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  • I agree that you have to be a Buffy fan to like this movie,It has its charm only to a buffy fan(Who like Amber and James)...But to my non-Buffy friends they didnt think much of Chance......

    See online : >Amber Benson-’Chance’Movie-Even Buffy fans may not dig this

  • Um What’s this person going on about? Chance may have the same actors on it as Buffy and Angel, but has nothing to do with the Buffyverse. So why is she comparing the movie Chance with Buffy? James, Amber, and Andy had great Charactors on both shows, but this person is forgeting one thing... They’re Actors!!! Actors play different charactors!
  • Though it was certainly fun to see actors from the Buffyverse together in one movie, especially Andy Hallet without green make-up, I wasn’t really crazy about Chance. In terms of direction, it’s pretty great. I think Amber Benson is full of talent. I just wasn’t crazy about the story.
  • They are way to negative. It’s a B-film to me. Why judge it and compare with the Buffy series? That’s like comparing an apple with a pear.

    I have the DVD and the way James is acting is cute and adorable. At least I think so. Fans who want to buy it, should decide themselves and not because others are negative. Judge for yourself.

  • Whomever wrote this article has no idea what they’re talking about. Yes I am a Buffy fan and Yes I bought the movie and loved it. I watched it when a few of my friends were over and they insisted on borrowing it and No they do not like buffy at all. God I can’t stand it when people talk as if they can speak for everyone. Not everybody shares your single opinion.
  • I love this movie! Why would I compare it to Buffy? I think Amber Benson wrote a great thing and used her closest contacts to make it happen! I totally respect her for that and James Marsters was, as always, hot in it. It’s fabulous, don’t listen to this shitty report.
  • I loved this movie, except for the "F" word so often, I thought it was funny and James was so much fun to watch. Andy was also good. It was worth the money and I have watched it several times.