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Amber Benson

Amber Benson - "Death’s Daughter" Novel - She posts her beat sheets - Spoilers

Thursday 26 March 2009, by Webmaster

DD breakdown 7/15/07

Hell is full of musical amateurs. GB shaw

Chapter 11- callie walks Cerberus. Gets one of the pups.

Chapter 12 and 13 – tries to get to Indra, but gets waylaid by the detective who thinks she’s responsible some how for her father and sister’s disappearance

Chapter 14 + 15 – escapes police custody – without jarvis, and goes after Indra (goes into tv and into a bollywood musical), only to find that he’s good friends with the devil’s protégé and he won’t give her the sea foam.

Chapter 16+ 17 – calls on Kali to come and help her convince indra. Kali uses her feminine wiles, tells Callie how to block her attraction to the Devil’s Protege. Callie thinks maybe the Devil’s protégé is the one who kidnapped her family

Chapter 18 + 19 – with the sea foam in hand, she goes after the cup of jamshid

Chapter 20 + 21 – the devil’s protégé beats her there, tries to talk her into ruling Death together. She scoffs at him. Finds out he is indeed part Siren.

Chapter 22 + 23 – bests the Devil’s protégé, wins the cup of Jamshid, but can’t make it work, so she goes back to jail break Jarvis. The cup of Jamshid is with Monsiuer d!!!

Chapter 24 + 25 – but finds that Jarvis isn’t at psychical police headquarters, and that the “detective” isn’t on the force. Thinks the detective and the devil’s protégé are in cahoots.

Chapter 26 + 27 – clio helps her figure out the cup of Jamshid, divulging the whereabouts of their father. Clio and Callie take off to rescue their sister and dad and hopefully Jarvis

Chapter 28 + 29 – they get there and find the Devil’s protégé. They think he’s behind the whole thing, but it turns out he isn’t. he’s had his hunch who the baddies are, and he’s right…it’s Callie’s older sister Thalia and her boyfriend the wannabe detective. They were stop Callie from collecting her birthright…the mantle of Death. It seems that unbeknownst to Callie she was the one who was rightfully supposed to be death, but since thalia wanted the job, she would just get Callie out of the way, and then she would be magically released, and takeover the job of death.

Chapter 30 – callie saves her dad and Jarvis with the help of the Devil’s protégé and her younger sister, and maybe even Kali and Cerberus’s pup.

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