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From FHM Magazine

Amy Acker

Amy Acker - About Her Life - FHM Magazine August 2003 Interview

By XanderBND

Sunday 3 August 2003, by Webmaster

Very hot photos from this article : http://www.buffy.nu/article.php3?id_article=468

If only our class Poindexter looked this damn hot ! Amy Acker is Angel’s resident bespectacled braniac, but my oh my, she scrubs up good...

Having an Ugly Girl Take off a pair of glasses and shake her hair loose in real life rarely produces an unexpected beauty. More a heinous Doris who bumps into stuff. Blame Hollywood and TV for your disillusionment, as directors insist on casting superfine hotties as mousy social outcasts. For proof, look no further than Buffy spin-off Angel, where bookish demon-buster Winifred "Fred" Burkle is played by the devilishly gorgeous Amy Acker. But one look at the 26-year-old rock-climbing, golf-playing Dallas native’s fine frame begs the question, "Do they really think we’re so stupid as to believe she’s a speccy minger?" But no matter. When allowed to feast on such glorious eye candy (whose film credits include Leo Dicaprio flick Catch Me If You Can and William Shatner directed shocker Groom Lake), we are happy to let those crazy casting agents stretch the knicker elastic of credibility to pinging point and beyond. And so, to celebrate the arrival of series three of Angel on Five, what better way to say goodbye than with the glorious pages you see before.

FHM: Your Angel Character Fred is a bit of nerd but these pics are hot ! Are you normally a very sexy person?
I would like to hope so. I like the pictures because it was a chance for me to say that Fred’s not the only I do.

But do you share her brainiac tendencies? What’s 333 multiplied by seven?
Okay. Umm. Is it 2,331?

Shit you got it right ! You’re good. What about all the fighting in the show - do you have ninja training?
In the theatre college we trained in all sorts of combat; hand-to-hand, rapier and dagger quaterstaffand broadsword.

Have you picked up any injuries?
I always seem to be the only one who gets hurt. I can be standing, not involved in the fight at all but then someone will swing their sword and hit me in the face. I was hanging from the ceiling and flying through the air on wires once. Then they put me down and started taking everything off and the metal bar that I was hanging from fell on my head. I was just like, "Don’t cry." Then I walked off the set and just started bawling.

You had ballet training as well...
I danced for 14 years. As a kid I always wanted to be a ballerina but then I had knee surgery so I took acting classes instead.

Can you put your legs behind your head?
I can put both legs behind my head and walk on my hands.

Now there’s an image. So do you have a boyfriend, then?
I have a husband

Lucky guy. Is he a normal bloke?
No. Yes. Well, when I met him he was. Now he’s kind of not. He’s become an actor, so I messes him up-ha !

Do you generally prefer celebrities or demons?
Well, I kind of like demons.

You worked with "eccentric" Trek-er Willam Shatner. How was that?
I did. That was definitely an experience.

It’s a wig, right?
No !

Come on...
I don’t think it’s real, but it’s not a wig.

We believe you ! You also worked as a model in Japan. Were you ever offered cash for your dirty underwear?
No !

That’s a big trade in Japan. Women sell their underwear.
What? Right off them in the street?

Mainly in shops or on the internet.
Who do they sell them to?

They sell them to sexually frustrated japonese men. For sniffing purposes.
Oh my god ! I’m not sure I can go back there after hearing that.

To take your mind off it, imagine this: Angel mirrors the Willow and Tara lesbian storyline from Buffy and you have to pick between Cordélia (Charisma Carpenter) and Lilah (Stephanie Romanov).
Is it Fred picking is it Amy picking?

We’ll do Fred first.
Fred would definitely pick Cordelia.

And Amy?
That’s such a hard choice. I like them both so much and for different reasons.

Okay; we’ll be generous.
You’ll give me both?

You said it?
I’ll take it.