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Amy Acker

Amy Acker - "Alias" Tv Series & "Spike" Tv Movie - Spoilers

Tuesday 24 January 2006, by Webmaster

From DF: More Alias scoop! Hit us with it!

Talked with Amy Acker last night (love her), and she confirmed that there will be no Jen-less episodes—ever. "We just took an extra long Christmas break, and we are going back on the 30th of January," she explained. They have completed all scenes without Sydney for the next upcoming episode, and when Jen gets back, they’ll slot those in, so the cast has to make sure they don’t make any Chandler-esque (remember the 50-pound weight-loss cliffhanger?) appearance changes in the meantime.

From nancy12b: Did Amy say anything about the Spike movie?

Funny you should ask. ’Cause I did. "[Joss and I] had dinner last night," Amy told me, "and he was still talking about doing the Spike movie." When I asked if she’d want to be a part of it, she said, "If it’s Joss, of course I’ll do whatever. I’ll, like, be the costume designer! I don’t care!" But for the time being, James Marsters is tied up with Smallville, so we shall see, mes cheris.

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