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From Andyhallett.com

Andy Hallett

Andy Hallett - New Message on his official Website on September 15, 2005

Friday 16 September 2005, by Webmaster

Hello Friends, I’m not sure where to begin about all the Birthday Madness, but I can say that all of it was AWESOME! Truly Unbelievable.

I think it would be impossible for me to thank every single person who contributed their thoughts on the world wide b-day card, and those that created it, and put together gift baskets, and stories, and pictures, and cake(s), and presents, but I wanna say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness more than you can imagine!

I was at the LA Booster Event when the lovely and talented, oh and very fast runner, Miss Brenda, who presented me with the most amazing gift basket on the planet. Well, I could actually say on this planet and outside of this planet because one of the enclosed gifts was actually a certificate for a Star Dedication. I mean an actual star in friggin’ outer space or wherever. Yes, Anne Adams of Mississippi truly shocked me with this gift, she had a star registered in my name. I didn’t even know that this was something people could do, so I first thought it was a prank... but Brenda then assured me that this was legit and official. It even comes with an official certificate of registry from the Universal Star Catalog copyrighted with the United States Government. And also with a satellite print out of where my new star is located in the galaxy, along with it’s coordinates so I can pinpoint it exactly. You know, in case I wanna MapQuest it and take a drive by it some afternoon. I mean I really should see it, I wonder if it has an “Andy Hallett’s” neon sign hanging off it. It better!

The gift basket contained many other wonderful things too. Things from all across the board. I love the “I’m not a Diva, I just play one on TV” Tee shirt! I’ve worn it a few times already, perfect fit too... and the little school bus models were great, although they created flashbacks to the night I was wrongfully stopped by that lunatic police officer and tortured. lol...

The Drink Recipe book I think you know was a success, and is referenced almost daily. It sits right on the little bar at my place. The marmalade, the hot sauces, the cd cover and awesome reviews, the pictures, the candy (it was gone in minutes.), the pink feathered “lil’ Boo” pen! the jewelry, the magnificent artwork...the list goes on and on and on. But everything was great, so I thank you so very much. Oh and the custom green stuffed-animals were the bomb! and their outfits too. I know a lot of time and thought went in to those. They rock! and even the gift basket, well in this case gift box, that everything came in was great. It was clearly made custom and all decked out with cool textures, fabrics and colors.... I’m trying to find something to put back in it so I can display it somewhere in my house, that’s how much I like it.

One last thing I’ll mention is of course “The (Newer) Nude Chocolate Lorne Society” and “The Big 3-Oh!” Online Card. They were signed by so many people all over the globe. I could not believe that each of you took the time out of your day to actually remember my birthday and to actually write out your warm thoughts and messages to me. I mean that the entire time I read the card/booklet, and read it over again, and again... I was stunned.

To see messages from Scila in Bloomfield, New Jersey, and Satu in Finland, & Nic B. in Germany (I loved your CD by the way! It’s the bomb.), and from Cameron in Johanesburg, South Africa, and Kath(y) in Chicago, & Nanett in Norway & so many more... that just blows my mind. Excluding Chicago, I’ve never even been to any of those cities or countries and for me to get messages from you guys all over the place is an honor and a huge thrill.

So in closing for this note of gratitude and appreciation to you all, I say this. If you’re telling me that via a television set, or in person, I made you smile or laugh, or perhaps offered a “fun place for you to go” in your mind... I want you to know it works both ways, because you definitely have that effect on me. So that means we’re both doing something right! So thank you again for everything, not just the birthday stuff, or the Christmas cards, or all the caring get well wishes, but thanks for being there.

Mad Love to ya’ll, Andy

Special Thanks to: My friend Thom Zahler at my official site AndyHallett.com, who’s ready to kill me because I don’t keep him updated nearly enough. Thank you for putting up with my B.S. and tolerating me! and of course for your sharing your amazing talents with me and many others.

To Sarah Huckle for the artwork, it’s wonderful.

To RavenU for documenting so much on film, I mean sooo much. I hope none of it gets me in trouble. To Veggieburger at NCLS ....thanks a ton for EVERYTHING.

Also to Katie Corey at AndyHallettUK.com for all your hard work and support.

And To those who donated to the “Angel Food Drive"...that was awesome, and made me very happy.

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