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Anthony Head

Anthony Head - "Merlin" Tv Series - Promo - Good Quality Photos 2

Friday 19 June 2009, by Webmaster

Anthony Head - "Merlin" Tv Series - Promo - Good Quality Photos 2 - Gallery

IMG/jpg/anthony-head-merlin-tv-series-promo-gq-02.jpg IMG/jpg/anthony-head-merlin-tv-series-promo-gq-03.jpg IMG/jpg/anthony-head-merlin-tv-series-promo-gq-04.jpg IMG/jpg/anthony-head-merlin-tv-series-promo-gq-05.jpg

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  • This show is pretty bad

    22 June 2009 04:40, by Goethe

    I’ve seen the entire first season of this show, and critics are 100% right, when they call it, "Camelot 90210", this show is pretty bad, cheesy and full of ’teens rage’, or something like that, between the Gay Merlin, fugly Guinevere, there isn’t much good to say about it, except that Anthony Head is pretty much the only decent thing in it.

    I guess this show can be a hit with the tweens, just like it was on the other side of the pond.