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Anthony Head

Anthony Head - "Ripper" Tv Movie - Already casting rumors...

Wednesday 29 August 2007, by Webmaster

THE pallid skin, those weeping sores and that dead-eyed expression...

Pete Doherty’s been stalking London for months like one of the restless undead, unhindered by the rules of horror films or even by mortal laws.

But as if accepting that this most tenacious of nightcrawlers is never to be stopped, cult telly legend Josh Whedon is hoping to cast Pete in his spooky new BBC series.

The 43-year-old behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer has decided the Babyshambles man is the ideal fellow to play a flesh-eating pest.

And he’ll prove to be a scintillating monster for the excellent Anthony Head to rid Blighty of when he reprises his role as Giles in the spin-off Ripper next year.

Our shivering source told us: “There have been talks about the BBC and America’s Fox network collaborating on this Buffy spin-off for years. But now they’ve got the green light to start filming.

“The show will follow Buffy’s mentor Giles after he decides to come out of retirement in his native England to solve ghost stories and other mysteries.

“Josh studied in Winchester and is quite an Anglophile despite being a native New Yorker and he’s keen to work with the BBC and, of course, Anthony again.

“He admires Russell T. Davies’s pop references in Doctor Who and thought it would be great to get some British musical and comic cameos in the new series.

“Pete seemed the obvious choice, with his love of the macabre. The blood paintings and the self-styled night creature existence are perfect. It’s thought he’ll play an approximation of his real-life persona; the zombie remnants of a rock star and poet unable to rest and therefore haunting London.

“With grisly results, of course.”

If all goes to plan Pete, 28, will start filming for the show in early 2008 and it will be shown in June.

Note to Kate Moss, 33, start wearing a crucifix now…

4 Forum messages

  • Anthony Head - "Ripper" Tv Movie - Already casting rumors...

    4 September 2007 04:40, by Anonymous
    If they can’t even get Joss’s name right, I somehow don’t think any of this is accurate!
  • Anthony Head - "Ripper" Tv Movie - Already casting rumors...

    24 September 2007 08:50, by Anonymous

    Josh Whedon...you know these idiots dont know squat when they call him Josh.


  • I was going to say that Giles is very well not in retirement as head of the New Council and that this "show" wouldnt mesh with the season 8 comic series joss is writing. But then I recalled this is Joss and he doesnt give a fig about continuity.
  • I am so excited by this - I hope this gets made and is every bit the movie we know Joss is capable of! I also hope it leads to a long running series (or two!) - we all desperately need a doorway back into the Buffyverse (Jossverse - whatever you choose to call it - you all know what I mean!). :-) :-) :-)

    And to the Powers That Be - please let Willow be in it! (If nothing else, at least a brief cameo where we find out how she’s doing).

    My other big question: The Buffy Season 8 Comics are supposed to be official "so sayeth Joss" canon. So will Ripper acknowledge this? I always pictured Ripper to have Giles as sort of loner with his past coming back to haunt him (perhaps literally). So will he be on sabbatical from the New Watcher’s Academy or something? I hope it doesn’t contradict Season 8, but I also think a bunch of slayerettes could possibly ruin the mood that the descriptions of the Ripperverse set in my head (please note tho: Willow being in this for the whole story or even just a couple scenes at the beginning and end would NOT spoil it and in fact are necessary from this fanboy’s POV!). :-) Let this come to pass! And let there be Willow with Giles!:-) :-) :-)