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Anthony Head

Anthony Stewart Head - "Sparkles" Movie - A new role !

Wednesday 16 August 2006, by Webmaster

SAM SPARKS (20’s, tall, cute) lives in Liverpool with his mum JILL, an aspiring singer. He dreams of moving to London, so takes full advantage of a chance meeting with the diffident VINCE (50’s).

Soon Sam has moved into Vince’s spare flat in London - the only problem being that Jill insists on coming too.Sam reckons the easiest route to success is to sleep your way to the top and he wastes no time. Through Vince he gets a job as a waiter and uses it to meet SHEILA (40’s).

She spots a kindred spirit and is charmed by Sam’s optimism and pushiness and gives him a job at her PR company. Sam’s charm extends to the bedroom and they are soon sleeping together - though no one else knows. Jill is almost shocked at the speed Sam has got himself on his feet. She on the other hand is working in a laundrette, planning her first London gig at a local Turkish restaurant - a prospect which thrills the besotted Vince.

At one of Sheila’s parties Sam hits it off with one of her guests, a smart young woman called KATE (20’s). She later calls to ask him out. Much to her amusement, Sam tries to play it cool but in the end they have a great evening and spend the night together. What Sam doesn’t know is that Sheila is Kate’s mother - and Kate is determined that he mustn’t find out. Equally, Kate is clueless to Sam’s real relationship with Sheila.