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From Discoverychannel.co.uk

Anthony Head

Anthony Stewart Head - "True Horror" Documentary - Discoverychannel.co.uk Interview

Friday 31 December 2004, by Webmaster

 Presented by Buffy’s Watcher, Anthony Head, this grisly series investigates the mythology behind vampires, demons, witches, zombies and werewolves. Are these horrors the stuff of legends and childhood nightmares, or do they really exist? Anthony brings his wealth of ghoulish knowledge to the screen, exploring the roots and explanations of these myths to separate truth from fiction and history from science, as well as giving viewers a fascinating insight into the chilling world of the unknown.

 You must have come across some weird and wonderful things while making True Horror. What struck you as the most amazing or chilling?

Anthony: There was one woman who, while we were filming in Haiti, said she would dig up a ’zombie’ from the grave for $2000 and I could spend 30 minutes with it. She said I would know it was dead from the smell!! I politely refused. The funny thing was this woman was so normal and smiley when she was asking me.

 Were you frightened by things that go bump in the night when you were a child?

Anthony: Yes, being chased by bears up the garden path was a childhood dream and I was really scared of Frankenstein. I didn’t have a problem with monsters under the bed however, because my bed was a roll out and was on the floor, so they would have been very flat monsters!

 What scares you now?

Anthony: George W Bush and the US administration and US foreign policy.

 Did the investigations change your opinions on anything?

Anthony: Oh yeah, there’s lots of very scary stuff out there and even scarier stuff that is done in the name of belief. We investigated the Muti murders in South Africa where people kill for body parts which was very disturbing.

 Did any of the places you visited for True Horror have a truly spooky feeling to them?

Anthony: The village we visited in Romania where the families had dug up a member of their family believing he was a vampire, was particularly spooky. The villagers, although most were old women, were actually very frightening and made it clear they didn’t want us around.

 A lot of people would say that there is a scientific explanation for every strange myth. What do you think?

Anthony: I’m amazed that science is so intent on disproving everything. I’d like to think I have an open mind and I think there is too much apparent certainty in the world.

 Most of us have had some kind of spooky experience, what’s yours?

Anthony: There the ghost of a little girl who lives in our house in Bath and I’ve heard her on a couple of occasions, as have my daughters and partner. I haven’t seen her but other people have. She’s not scary though!

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer was about a lot more than vampires, witches and demons. What are your favourite aspects of the show?

Anthony: That it was a lot more about vampires, witches and demons! Also I thought it was beautifully written and the characters were allowed to grow and develop with what they experienced through out the show.

 Do you have any superstitions?

Anthony: Yes!! I am an actor after all. I used to have lots but in time, I have tried to curb them. I still won’t walk under ladders, but every time I step aside, I think I’m being completely illogical.

 When was the last time you were really frightened at the movies?

Anthony: Errm and this is very embarrassing... I am a complete wimp and so I don’t go to scary films. Probably the last scary film I saw was Alien, but Scary Movie 3 had some scary bits!! I’m going to have to go and see the Grudge this Christmas with my kids but I’m not looking forward to it!