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Anthony Head

Anthony Stewart Head to play a familiar role in Doctor Who ? Spoilers

Tuesday 23 August 2005, by Webmaster



Word reached me of an FX team working on test footage of... well... okay, spoilers on.

Morphing an image of the head of the late Antony Ainley (who played The Master in Doctor Who during the nineteen eighties) into the head of... well. Antony Stewart. Head, against a cricketing background. Does this mean that a) it’s a stunt, b) they’re ignoring Eric Robert’s portrayal of The Master in the Paul McGann TV movie or c) Antony Stewart Head will play The Master in the second series of the new Doctor Who?

And we’re back again. Tissue Compression Eliminator anyone?

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  • Mmmm rumours abound..

    When Anthony was in Australia for the Buffy Downunder Con in July’05 I asked him if he would be the next Doctor Who. The man shot it down, saying it wasn’t on the cards. Biggg disappointment there, but who know, he could change his mind.. I hope he changes his mind. Brilliant actor that he is!

    See online : http://cat_amused.blogspot.com

  • well, they have already ignored the fact that a time lord only has 9 lives and david tennant is the 11th person to play the doctor. Who cares - Anthony Head as the Master is fine by me!!
  • Erm... no. You’ll find a time lord has 13 lives. It is stated in Doctor Who: The Movie that the Master has used all 13 of his lives. So if David Tennant is the 11th Doctor, then he in fact has 2 more lives to go. But back on topic, I say Tony Head is a go!
  • A time Lord HAS 12 lives ( or.. "can only regenerate 12 times" ) "Christopher Eccleston" was the 9th doc and "David Tennant" will be playing the 10th in Season two.
  • To be even more pedantic: David Tennant is the *tenth* Doctor, not 11th. And the fact that the Master had used up all 13 of his lives was established way, way back in 1976, in "The Deadly Assassin". Both the Anthony Ainley and Eric Roberts incarnations were bodies the Master had stolen, not proper Time Lord regenerations.

    If ASH is playing the Master, I’m sure the writers will come up with some reasonable explanation for the character’s survival and change of appearance.

  • It’s 12 regenerations, 13 lives. Technically speaking, the regeneration is the process of change between one appearance (body) and the next; so when William Hartnell became Patrick Troughton, it was the Doctor’s first regeneration, but Troughton played the Doctor’s second incarnation. Get it?

    And don’t get me started on the "Brain of Morbius" faces...

  • bring on ASH in any way/shape/form on Dr Who..........