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Attack of the Chlones ?

Friday 2 July 2004, by xanderbnd

Someone sent us a link over to the preview page for a UPN series called Veronica Mars.

She’s blond, has short flippy hair, hangs out with fellow outcasts, and is a "17-year old apprentice private investigator." She also has a father who lost his job and his home as a result of a scandal created by someone, and it’s her job to solve this mystery, as she works to uncover the town’s "darkest secrets." Oh yeah, and her best friend resembles Pete Ross a little bit... if he starts with the product placement can we say "xerox?"

You know, we’d actually watch this show if it was named after the character it was so obviously taken from... Chloe is a great concept character, but to totally lift her like that... not cool.