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Ben Edlund

Ben Edlund - "Supernatural" Tv Series - 2007 Comic Con - Whedonopolis.com Interview

Monday 6 August 2007, by Webmaster


You have, by now, had a lot of experience coming on to shows and playing in somebody else’s sandbox. How has it been for you on Supernatural?

BE: It’s been good! I worked for quite some time in the Whedonverse, and that’s a pretty amazing ship. They function in different ways, you know. This is a very well run machine; both of them were. The work life—good people were found, and both groups have a very healthy—too healthy work situations, and I like that about it. But, I learned certain things from Joss Whedon, and now I’m learning certain other things from Eric Kripke, cos with Joss—well, his shows were insane, and that’s what I like about them! This show is really down to the ground. I remember working on Angel; I was working on a puppet show episode (“Smile Time”) and for the previous week’s episode –it was basically the same office- they’re working in a Nazi-submarine flashback episode (“Why We Fight”)! You really know you’re working on the strangest show on TV when those are back to back and no one’s really batting an eye, exactly. That was really great, because it was sort of a stream-of-consciousness explosion happening there. This is, to me—this is designed, it’s engineered. This is helping me with human character, because very clearly with Angel and Buffy, for example, or even Firefly, there’s such a language of those shows, there’s a distance from real emotion –even though those shows have very powerful emotion, there’s a different kind of heightened way to present them- and this is really way down, close to the ground, that needs very different kinds of writing, and that’s cool. I have fun.


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