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Angel : Aftermath

Brian Lynch - "Angel : Aftermath" Comic Book - Buffyfest.blogspot.com Interview 2

Friday 16 October 2009, by Webmaster

As promised, we present the second half of our interview with Brian Lynch and, if you missed part one, find the crap out of that bad boy right here. In the second half we talk about his involvement in the Drusilla comic, the Spike ongoing, and a little man named Angry Naked Pat. Enjoy!

Buffyfest: Let’s talk about the Drusilla book. You told us at NYCC that Juliet sent you these long, movie-style scripts when the idea of the two of you doing a comic together was originally proposed. The final result has very little dialogue. Was it hard transitioning her original scripts to what we ultimately saw on the page?

Brian Lynch: It really wasn’t. The first issue was fun, she wrote the story and dialog, I helped transcribe it into comic script format, and futzed with some dialog, gave it back to her, she futzed with it and sent it to Chris. Second issue, we had the story mapped out, so she just want to town and tackled it. I had a little input, but mostly it was me just saying "yes that will work". So it might have been tough for her, but for me, it was fun and a breeze. She had a very clear vision of what she wanted, in script, art and even colors. I just helped her get there.

Buffyfest: Were there an ideas that were specifically yours?

Brian Lynch: Yeah, early on, when she and I talked about the plot on the phone, we went back and forth with story, I had input there. And the moments with the guard who was really working for someone else, who’s job it was to keep Dru under wraps, that was my main contribution. Because I figured she’d need someone helping her keep Drusilla a secret, or else it would be very strange that none of these doctors and interns noticed Dru killing people or not going into sunlight. But man, Juliet had everything all ready. She had photos, plots, scripts. She should do another book, that girl is a dynamo. And she’s insanely sweet. AND I don’t know if you’re aware, but she was also on BUFFY and ANGEL.

Buffyfest: HOLY CRAP, WHAT!?

Brian Lynch: Yeah I think she played Rose, Sunnydale’s newest exchange student.

Buffyfest: Thank you for that bit of minutia which will surely come in handy when playing Buffy Trivial Pursuit

Brian Lynch: Not a problem.

Buffyfest: How about the ending of that story? You’d mentioned Spike would see Dru during his ongoing. Is that still happening? Where is she?

Brian Lynch: You know, I’m not sure if Dru and Spike will meet up during my run. I feel as though Juliet should that story if she wants. Is that a cop-out?

Buffyfest: total cop-out

Brian Lynch: She and James should write it together.

Buffyfest: That would sell a lot of books

Brian Lynch: The story I have for Spike doesn’t feature Drusilla coming in, but I only have, I think 10 mapped out. If I go beyond that, maybe. Unless Spike dies in issue 10.

Buffyfest: Shh... don’t even mention that!

Brian Lynch: Okay.

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