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Spike : After The Fall

Brian Lynch - "Spike : After The Fall" Comic Book - He talks

Friday 20 June 2008, by Webmaster

Brian Lynch, scripter of IDW Publishing’s July-debuting Spike: After the Fall said character creator Joss Whedon provided a solid direction for the series.

"Joss laid the groundwork with me, a very specific outline, and now I’m carrying it out," Lynch said. "He did the heavy-lifting in the beginning, and now I’m the spokesman, I’m the mouthpiece."

Here’s how IDW describes the four-part series:

"In IDW’s Angel: After the Fall, all of the characters who survived the melee that concluded Joss Whedon’s TV series have had to find their way in a Los Angeles cast into hell. As befit his character, the vampire Spike seemed to have it all at the start — he was set up in a certain Beverly Hills mansion, surrounded by a cadre of female warriors and Illyria, too. But it wasn’t always so easy for him.

"Spike: After the Fall tells the tale of what happened in the intervening months since that alleyway cataclsym. Along for the ride in this series are Illyria, who has a tendency to revert back to Fred at inopportune times, as well as Angel’s Dragon, and a new cast of characters as well. Most importantly, the series introduces a character who will come to be see as Spikešs arch-nemesis. Even more than Angel."

Series artist Franco Urru provides two issues in a 50/50 split for the first issue, and the Australian art team of The Sharp Brothers offer a grindhouse-inspired incentive cover.

"I cannot express how great this is coming out," Lynch said. "I didn’t want to dilute Angel: After the Fall or the previous Urru/Lynch Spike tales, so we didn’t plan this until we saw whether or not it would work. It worked. It works soooo well. This is gonna be goooood. All the hell! None of the Angels!"