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Buffy : Season 8

"Buffy : Season 8" Comic Book - Giles : A Retrospective

Wednesday 10 March 2010, by Webmaster

The first time we see Giles in S8 he’s in St Petersburg training a large group of slayers. He states,

"I see some superior fighting out there. Technique and power that might just give Buffy Summers herself a run for her money. Impressive force."

What could he be doing here? This isn’t his squad because he doesn’t have one and he mentions how he’s observed that some of the slayers displayed techniques that could match Buffy. I have two theories here and one of them is very close to Maggies so I’ll quote her;

Quote: He has known there’s something dark coming *through* Buffy. His opening scene was talking about whether all the slayers together would be able to take on Buffy herself. It’s possible Giles was trying to prepare for a force, should the slayers have to turn on Buffy and take her on themselves. My other theory is that he was trying to see if any slayer was a standout because he’s hoping, perhaps naively, that the prophecy isn’t about Buffy but some other girl — "Technique and power that might just give Buffy Summers herself a run for her money."

Giles then goes on to state,

"It is, of course, useless. You’re all fighting alone. Getting in each other’s way, not protecting each other’s flanks… failing to use your single most valuable asset…"

Which leads into Buffy’s training montage with her slayers,

"… each other. One Slayer fighting alone is formidable. Two is formidabler. Or… three? Mega-formidable. And after mega, it goes to mondo, then super, hyper, beaucoup d’crazy, stupid… it gets *exponentially* prefixy."

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