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Buffy : Season 8

Buffy Season 8 has one of the Epic Heroes Who Committed Mass Murder

Sunday 14 October 2012, by Webmaster

7. Angel

In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight comic book series, the consciousness of a new universe called Twilight imbues Angel with Superman-like powers. Twilight convinces Angel that in order to fulfill his destiny and save the world, he must kill as many potential Slayers as possible in a gambit to, essentially, antagonize Buffy into having time-travelling astro-sex with him. Their passion results in the creation of the paradise-like Twilight dimension, and heralds the destruction of the present universe. Angel tries to convince Buffy to stay in Twilight and rule, believing it morally wrong to be an absent God in a reality of his own making, but she declines, opting to rescue the present universe by destroying the "Seed of Wonder", the source of all Earthly magic. Twilight demands that Buffy and Angel finish what they started –- it possesses Angel and kills Giles.

On his own TV show, the question of whether Angel was truly a hero, or merely a very talented victim was one of the series major overarching themes. (He did spend two hundred years of immortality eating rats and riding on submarines, not even considering helping the helpless until it was pointed out to him.) Could the actions of a demon, being naturally evil, be compared to those of human beings, who have more or less a choice in their actions? As a human, Angel was a cruel and violent drunk and becoming a vampire ultimately made him a better man. Though to many, the season eight series and Angel’s attempt at Slayer-cide provided the final nail in the coffin of Angel’s character/crusade.

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