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James Marsters

’Buffy’ vamp Marsters sinks teeth into rock

By Marijke Rowland

Tuesday 14 January 2003, by Webmaster

Let’s face it, James Marsters looks like a rock star.

The Modesto native, whose day job is starring on the hit TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," did a little moonlighting as lead singer for his band, Ghost of the Robot, on Saturday night at Sacramento’s Crest Theatre.

Sporting bleached-blond hair, cheekbones that supermodels only dream of and a tight black T-shirt that wordlessly answered the question, "Do you work out?" the Davis High graduate relished his new-found role as rock god.

"My ego is just too big already," he joked with the sold-out crowd of screaming fans. Most, no doubt, were there because of Marster’s portrayal of Spike — the formerly evil, newly souled and desperately in love vampire on "Buffy."

Flashing his killer smile — sans fangs — to the estrogen-heavy crowd of 900 plus, Marsters laid out his band’s mission for the night: "We’re going to rock your pants off!"

Before he could get under way, the audience was whipped into an anticipatory frenzy by two opening acts — the always tight Honeyspot and the Blink-182/Sum 41/Green Day clones, The Willknots.

Show promoter Jerry Perry said Ghost of the Robot’s popularity is stunning considering its greenness to the music scene.

"It’s amazing to work with them," Perry said. "This is a band that just loves being a band. They’re new and have no reason to be huge. Except, of course, that James is in it."

The show was the band’s second in the Sacramento area, where bassist Kevin McPherson and drummer Aaron Anderson live. Perry also promoted the group’s first area show last August in Orangevale.

Ghost of the Robot — which is rounded out by guitarist/keyboardist Steve Sellers and lead guitarist Charlie DeMars — has played to packed houses in Paris and at Hollywood’s Viper Room.

Fans who came to the Sacramento show seemed stunned by the star sighting.

"We’re speechless," said Hilmar resident Lizenia Anacleto, who came with two fellow "Buffy" fans. "He was so good."

Marsters attacked the songs with full-throttle enthusiasm. The five-man band has been together less than a year. The collaboration started after Los Angeles neighbors Sellers and Marsters became friends. Marsters previously had played solo, doing mostly covers.

The band is made up mainly of youngsters. Only Marsters and Sellers wouldn’t be carded while trying to buy beer.

It also suffers from a difficult rehearsal schedule. Marsters must fit in practice around taping of "Buffy," while the two Sacramento bandmates have to commute to L.A., where the others live.

Still, the members have been able to scrape together a CD, "Mad Brilliant," which will be released Feb. 2 on the band’s Web site, http://www.ghostoftherobot.com.

The dozen-song set at the Crest included quirky rock-pop songs like "German. Jewish," which goes "I’m German, you’re Jewish/How could we ever make it through this?"

Marsters dedicated the solo number "Angel" to Helena, to which an eager listener shouted "I’m Helena!" And another, "Take off your shirt!"

The band took the ogling in stride. As flowers and various sundries were tossed on stage, Marsters said, "We like free stuff, keep throwing."