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Joss Whedon

C’mon Hollywood .... give us more of Joss Whedon - Joblo.com Article


Thursday 16 February 2006, by Webmaster

The title says it all. The world needs more of Joss Whedon. I don’t care what he’s doing, whether it’s directing, writing or if he’s doing it in movies or television. The fact remains that he is a funny, intelligent writer, he’s full of great ideas and we need more of him.

I’ll admit, I was a little slow to jump on the Joss bandwagon. The movie version of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER was a little hard to digest even though it had some good moments. Then came ALIEN RESURRECTION and I was beginning to hope he would do commercials. However, a few years after Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit the small screen, I began to see what the craze was about. Both Buffy and Angel were amazing shows that ended long before their time. Both of which were created by Joss himself. He also helped write the TOY STORY movies, which are arguably Disney’s finest animated films.

Perhaps his greatest feat was turning Firefly into the theatrical SERENITY. Somehow he managed to get a major studio to fund a project based off a TV show that was a huge failure. Somehow, the Hollywood execs at Universal saw the brilliance in the TV show and trusted $40 million to Mr. Whedon. He took that money and made one of the best films of the year. I would’ve loved to been a fly on the wall during that meeting. I can only imagine Joss Whedon wheelin’ and dealin’ like a used car salesman trying to get SERENITY off the ground.

Don’t worry, it will be good.

So give us more Whedon. I know he has Wonder Woman coming up (please cast Monica Belluci or Morena Baccarin) but it’s still not enough. I want him writing 24/7 and give him his choice of projects. He’s past the ALIEN RESURRECTION fiasco. Let him do a romantic comedy or a period drama. Seriously, I really feel that anything the guy touches will turn to gold. Not only that, but the guy has a natural talent for finding amazingly beautiful women to star in his projects.

Thank you...thank you...and...THANK YOU!

Another thing to keep in mind is that the guy acts and talks like one of us. He’s just a big movie geek that has a talent for writing original and creative stories. This is what we need more of in Hollywood. We need people that believe in their films and their ideas. The guy keeps it real. (I know, I know, I can’t really pull that off can I?) He really loves his projects and he always comes through for his fans.

I know I’ll take some heat for this, especially from people that have never seen the show, but I’ll go ahead and say it; I want an Angel/Buffy movie. Yeah, that’s right, I want a movie based on Angel and Buffy from the TV series. And I want Joss Whedon to do it. Angel and Buffy were incredibly great characters with an entire universe (Buffyverse for those in the know) filled with vampires, demons and heroes. If a studio will green-light a Whedon project based off a TV show canceled after nine episodes, then surely he can talk one into green-lighting a project based off TV shows that have 12 years between them. Of course, maybe I’m a little biased. After all, I did name my dog Buffy. Wait...I’ve said too much.

Buffy...the border collie.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading some of Joss Whedon’s stuff, then I highly recommend picking some up. He makes regular posts to his website and virtually everything he writes is clever and funny. Also, check out the special features on the Buffy and Angel DVD’s and definitely the SERENITY DVD. The guy is brilliant and Hollywood would be better off with more of him.