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Caffeinated Clint - 19/4/06 (wonder woman mentions)

Tuesday 18 April 2006, by Webmaster


Hope you all had a great Easter break. I tell ya what; Good Friday would have be the most wearisome, dreary day of the year! No shops open! Casinos closed till Midday! Bottle Shops opened lesser hours than normal! Pretty much perfect weather for playing Monopoly with the wife, or washing sheets (maybe not the best example...being that we’re no longer a blog on Penthouse)...but...Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s all about family....and fish sales. Forgot. Anyway, no complaints about only having to work “a few hours” this Easter Weekend. Hope you all got a bit of a break too.

Quarter way through coffee

Over the Easter Weekend, I had to - yeah, that’s right, electric chair, ropes, gun at head.... the works! - Watch the first season of “The Greatest American Hero” on DVD. Why is it that I’m really enjoying these daggy old shows? I became addicted to watching “21 Jump Street” again, a few weeks ago too, when I was ‘forced’ to watch the DVD series of it. Someone please book me an appointment if I come on here expressing my utmost love for “A Different World” next week. Yeah OK, so William Katt’s hair was damn terrifying - I thought my ‘Ace Ventura’ effort was a sight to see in the morning! - But this was still one of the most entertaining shows of its time. A lot of it was probably due to the presence of the great Robert Culp. The storyline was also a hoot though - high school teacher by day, daggy superhero by night - and I remembered racing home to watch the pilot all those years ago, just to get my first glimpse of it (showing my age?). Always delivered. But to my point -yes, I do have one!! - wasn’t the theme song a doozie? Seriously, who doesn’t know ‘Believe it or not’ by Joey Scarbury? It’s one of all the all-time great TV show themes. In fact, I’m betting there’s quite a few that don’t even realise that it was from a TV show...they simply know it as that no.1 song from way back when.

There have been some really good TV themes, over the years, let me think...

- ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name’ by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo (from “Cheers”)

- ‘Without Us’ by Dennis Tufano and Mindy Sterling (from “Family Ties”)

- ‘I’ll be there for you’ by The Rembrandts (from “Friends”)

- ‘Welcome Back’ by John Sebastian (from “Welcome Back Kotter”)

- ‘Faith of the Heart’ by Russell Watson (from “Enterprise”) [Going to get challenged over that one! - Ed]

- ‘Happy Days’ by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox (from “Happy Days”)

- ‘C’mon C’mon’ by The Von Blondies (from “Rescue Me”)

- ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ by Joe Cocker (from “The Wonder Years”)

Hey, here’s an idea: What do you think is one of the really great TV themes? Ones with vocals in it primarily? Email me your responses, and we’ll run them next week, right here. Promise.

Half-way through coffee

Speaking of emailing, you guys did a heap of that through that week. Most of you just wanted to sleep with me, or rub coconut oil on my lobes (I said lobes goddamn it!) but a large quantity of you wanted to tell me who your pick is for the new “Wonder Woman” movie. (For those not keeping up, we had a news item the other day, stating that soap actress Nadia B is up for the role - and asked you to right in with your picks). Some surprising answers too.

Seems these are three most popular actresses to take on the role of “Wonder Woman”, based on all the emails I received, anyway:

1) Morenca Baccarin

2) Nadia Bjorlin

3) Charisma Carpenter.

Not far behind though are Eliza Dushku and, surprisingly, Jessica Biel. Yep, seems some of you like the idea - well, Joel Silver’s idea actually - of casting Mrs Biel in the role. I don’t. Not that anyone much gives a cack what I think. Anyway, seems most of you are hot to get “Firefly” star Morena Baccarin into the cockpit of the Invisible Jet, but Nadia Bjorlin has also caught your eye too. Nice pickings. Appreciate everyone’s input.