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Camden Toy

Camden Toy - Buffy Villain Now Tackling Archangel

By Michael Gingold

Saturday 13 November 2004, by Webmaster

Actor Camden Toy has won a fan following for several villainous roles he’s played on TV’s BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL, most notably as one of the Gentlemen in BUFFY’s classic "Hush" episode and the "Übervamp" Turok-Han during that show’s final season. Now he’s involved with a big-screen supernatural horror film that will star actress/martial arts champion Cynthia Rothrock and genre vets Brad Dourif and David Carradine, and gave Fango the scoop. "The working title is ARCHANGEL," he tells us, "and we’re developing it right now with two young writers, Brendan Thorne and Neil Crutchfield. It’s a martial arts/horror film that starts back at around 1,000 A.D., and then jumps to the present day. Cynthia, Brad and David play angels of wrath, and they’ve all lost track of each other over the years. David’s character has become very cynical, and in a way kind of evil, and has taken up allegiance with my character, who’s a demon. And we start running into each other again in present-day Los Angeles."

Rothrock is also one of the producers on the movie, along with business partners Gerard and Mikki St. Germain. "They’re all black belts, and Gerard came up with the idea for the film," Toy reveals. "He met me earlier this year and told me, ‘I’m looking for someone to play the villain in this film,’ and I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. He brought Cynthia over to meet me, and I really liked her, so I started taking meetings with them and the writers, and another one of the partners in the project, Brian Davis. He’s a CGI guy who did a lot of work on X2-he created the Nightcrawler effects-and POLAR EXPRESS and other films, and he’s on board to do the digital FX. As I became more and more involved, Gerard asked me to come on board as an associate producer as well.

"We also have Ed Marx on board to edit it," Toy continues. "He cut both JEEPERS CREEPERS movies, and SWIMMING WITH SHARKS with Kevin Spacey. He’s a terrific editor, and he’s going to be perfect for this project. They’re in the process of finishing the first draft, and after that we’ll start looking for funding. It’s a fun story, and Cynthia is such an amazing martial artist, so it should be really cool. The character I’m playing is very over-the-top and sadistic; he sort of loves the entertainment value of being evil-it’s like theater for him."

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