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Camden Toy

Camden Toy - Saveangel.org Live Chat - Read The Transcript


Monday 13 March 2006, by Webmaster

Transcript: Camden Toy Chat, March 11 (Times below CST)

[4:45pm] CamdenToy joined the chat room.
(Greetings and intros removed)
[4:59pm] Simon: Well, seeing as how we’re approaching the hour mark, I’ve opened the room to guest entry
[5:00pm] Simon: In just a moment, I’d like to "formally" start our chat— although Camden has been gracious enough to begin already
[5:00pm] CamdenToy: cool

[5:00pm] coolhousewife: Camden, I am having trouble locating some of your film work, is it at all possible to bring dvds to cons to sell?
[5:00pm] CamdenToy: I guess I should do that.
[5:00pm] CamdenToy: Films that is
[5:00pm] gman: Why is the good stuff hard to find?
[5:01pm] Endorill: Demand exceeds supply, G
[5:01pm] gman: The supply of the good stuff has to go up.
[5:01pm] Endorill: Or we have fatally obscure and discerning tastes.
[5:01pm] CamdenToy: One of my favorite shorts is IRASCIBLE, written and directed by my friend Ezra Buzzington
[5:02pm] CamdenToy: It’s a two person comedy/drama
[5:02pm] Gnarl: Is that one you were in Camden? Cause I was just going to ask which was your favorite character to play ever
[5:02pm] coolhousewife: I will be going to MR, maybe you could bring some copies, pretty please
[5:02pm] CamdenToy: Yeah, I’m in that
[5:03pm] CamdenToy: I’ll see what I can do.
[5:03pm] coolhousewife: thanks I would love to see it
[5:03pm] CamdenToy: Ezra also just finished editing OUTTA SYNC that I’m also in
[5:03pm] Endorill: Are any of these films availble on your website?
[5:03pm] CamdenToy: Sorry to say they are not
[5:04pm] Endorill: Ok, I hunt them down.
[5:05pm] CamdenToy: We’re hoping OUTTA SYNC will get a theatical release

[5:04pm] Simon: I think we can go ahead and formally get started
[5:04pm] Simon: A warm welcome to our participants and our guests! I’m Simon, the coordinator of the site, and I’ll briefly go over the way this unique "virtual" Q&A will be handled. In a moment, Guido— who should be familiar to you as "Gman" our excellent administrator— will introduce our guest.
[5:05pm] Simon: Please be patient if Camden is not able to answer all your questions.
[5:06pm] CamdenToy: I’ll try my best
[5:06pm] Simon: I will occasionally interject a reminder for entering guests to be considerate and wait their turn
[5:06pm] Simon: I’ll hand it over to our Gman, Guido
[5:06pm] CamdenToy: Take it away Gman

[5:06pm] gman: Thank you, Simon. And thank you to all of you in the audience for joining us. It is my great pleasure to introduce our guest, Mr. Camden Toy.
[5:06pm] gman: Fan favorite Camden is known to most Buffy/Angel fans for portraying such memorable villains Gnarl, the Prince of Lies, a "Gentlemen," and for his recurring role as a Turok Han in season seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[5:06pm] CamdenToy: right
[5:07pm] gman: He is also a co-star of the soon-to-be screened independent film Outta Sync, and has recently completed shooting the horror film Sin-Jin Smyth. He will soon begin filming the vampire movie Immorally Yours.
[5:07pm] gman: Camden, welcome and thank you for joining us!
[5:07pm] CamdenToy: Thank you for the intro
[5:07pm] gman: My pleasure.
[5:07pm] CamdenToy: Happy to be here

[5:08pm] gman: Gnarl, you have the floor.
[5:08pm] Gnarl: ok thanks
[5:08pm] CamdenToy: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Gnarl
[5:08pm] Gnarl: I already started to ask this, but which character did you enjoy playing most, and why?
[5:09pm] CamdenToy: Well, the character of Gnarl was probably the most fun
[5:09pm] Gnarl: Im a winner!
[5:09pm] Simon: LOL
[5:09pm] gman: lol
[5:09pm] Gnarl: I meant from inside or outside the Whedonverse
[5:10pm] CamdenToy: Because he was so complex and so verbal and physical
[5:10pm] gman: He was your first speaking character on Buffy.
[5:10pm] teacherdarling: and scary *shudders*
[5:11pm] CamdenToy: Oh, well I had a great time playing Roger Chillerworth in a NYC stage production of THE SCARLET LETTER
[5:11pm] CamdenToy: Well, also Gnarl was so well written
[5:11pm] CamdenToy: Incredible dialogue

[5:11pm] gman: You’re up teacherdarling.
[5:12pm] teacherdarling: Camden, you have been all over filming, where is your favorite place in the USA or out?
[5:12pm] CamdenToy: I had a great time up in the mountains in up state New York
[5:13pm] CamdenToy: I’ve shot a couple films up there
[5:13pm] CamdenToy: It’s so amazingly beautiful

[5:14pm] gman: Go ahead, Endorill.
[5:14pm] Endorill: Lon Chaney SR. was the man of 1000 faces. How much creative control did you have in crafting your characters for Buffy and Angel?
[5:15pm] CamdenToy: I was given a great deal of latitude in creating them
[5:15pm] Endorill: So you had input into how they would look?
[5:16pm] CamdenToy: Well, not in most cases, but in the case of the Prince Of Lies, I they let me speak to the sculper before he started working on the look
[5:16pm] Endorill: Thank you.
[5:17pm] CamdenToy: And I was given a little input into the Uber Vamp

[5:16pm] gman: Your turn, Angeldiva.
[5:17pm] angeldiva: Camden, what got you into playing demons in full makeup?
[5:17pm] CamdenToy: In the case of Gnarl, they gave me a lot of freedom in creating how he sounded and moved
[5:18pm] CamdenToy: From the time I was very young I was playing with monster make-up
[5:18pm] CamdenToy: Father had been a make-up artist and an actor
[5:19pm] CamdenToy: So I was exposed to a lot of stuff from a very early age. Things that most kids never get a chance of seeing and experiencing

[5:20pm] gman: Go ahead, rbottnlv52.
[5:20pm] rbottnlv52: What do you feel was your most difficult role and why?
[5:21pm] CamdenToy: Well in Buffy, the Uber Vamp was one of the most difficult.
[5:21pm] CamdenToy: He was like the Tasmanian Devil
[5:22pm] gman: Not because he had to slug Spike so much?
[5:22pm] CamdenToy: Yet, I couldn’t have him like that the entire time, it would have pulled too much focus from each scene
[5:22pm] CamdenToy: so it was a balancing act
[5:22pm] Simon: Was that your most physically challenging?
[5:23pm] CamdenToy: I would say so
[5:24pm] CamdenToy: Even though I had a stunt double I still had to do a lot of the fighting

[5:25pm] gman: "Hush" is one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s most critically acclaimed episodes. What do you recall most about the filming of "Hush" and was there a sense on the set that the episode would be something special?
[5:26pm] CamdenToy: Well, most of the cast was actually scared of us
[5:26pm] angeldiva: lol
[5:26pm] Endorill: I totally get that, creepy fingers, scalpel and all.
[5:27pm] teacherdarling: the smiles that launched a thousand nightmares
[5:27pm] CamdenToy: By the way it’s Roger Chillingworth from the Scarlet Letter (Typed wrong earlier)
[5:27pm] CamdenToy: Yeah the Gentlemen were amazing
[5:27pm] CamdenToy: I had a great time working with Doug Jones

[5:27pm] gman: Go ahead Angeldiva.
[5:28pm] angeldiva: Are there any upcoming conventions that we should know about?
[5:28pm] CamdenToy: Well, I was just added to Love Letter to Itty
[5:29pm] angeldiva: For Booster Events
[5:29pm] CamdenToy: http://www.boosterevents.com/Conventions/L...03/Default.aspx
[5:29pm] CamdenToy: It looks like it’ll be a lot of fun
[5:30pm] CamdenToy: and I have Dutch Star Con in May

[5:29pm] gman: What do you enjoy most about going to Buffy/Angel conventions?
[5:30pm] CamdenToy: I love getting to have personal contact with the fans and hear how my work affected them on a personal level
[5:31pm] angeldiva: May I add he’s really cool
[5:31pm] Endorill: Lol
[5:31pm] CamdenToy: Thank you

[5:31pm] gman: What is it about Joss’s shows, Buffy and Angel, that makes their fans so passionate about them?
[5:32pm] CamdenToy: Well Unfortunately, most of TV is really disposable
[5:33pm] CamdenToy: I think that Joss was able to tap into something that touched people on a much deeper level
[5:34pm] CamdenToy: Also, he always kept the audience guessing about what would happen next

[5:34pm] gman: You’re next coolhousewife. Cool moniker, btw.
[5:35pm] coolhousewife: As an actor which medium do you prefer live theatre or film?
[5:35pm] CamdenToy: Oh it’s like comparing apples and steak
[5:36pm] CamdenToy: I love them both, but they are so different and yet the same.
[5:36pm] coolhousewife: it must be great to get the audience feedback
[5:36pm] CamdenToy: It’s a mystery
[5:36pm] CamdenToy: Yeah the audience right there is great.
[5:37pm] CamdenToy: It’s one the the great things about filming sitcoms in front of a live audience
[5:37pm] gman: Can an audience energize a performer while he or she is performing, Camden?
[5:37pm] CamdenToy: Absolutely
[5:38pm] CamdenToy: And an audience is different every night

[5:38pm] gman: You’re up next, Gnarl.
[5:38pm] Gnarl: I’ve heard a little about a martial arts/horror movie you are directing or producing...Titled Archangel I think. Is that still in the works? How do you like directing/producing compared to acting?
[5:38pm] CamdenToy: I’m not directing it, but I am producing it and playing the main villain
[5:39pm] CamdenToy: We’re working on the sixth draft right now
[5:39pm] CamdenToy: Still in the works
[5:40pm] gman: Camden are villains more fun?
[5:41pm] CamdenToy: Oh yeah
[5:41pm] CamdenToy: You get to do things that you can only do in your most evil dreams
[5:41pm] CamdenToy: Heh Heh Heh
[5:42pm] gman: I wouldn’t know about evil dreams. lol
[5:41pm] angeldiva: Ever want to be the hero?
[5:42pm] CamdenToy: Well, It’s certainly something that I’d like to do some day, but as of right now It seems that most of the time I get cast as villains

[5:42pm] gman: Welcome Guest642, you have the floor.
[5:42pm] Guest642: Is there anything that truly scares you?
[5:43pm] CamdenToy: Really small spaces
[5:43pm] Simon: Guest642 informs me she is from Rapid City, SD... does that qualify as a "small space"?
[5:43pm] Guest642: LOL
[5:43pm] Endorill: Rude! Simon . Bad kitty.
[5:43pm] Guest642: we have pretty wide open spaces here
[5:43pm] CamdenToy: Heh Heh
[5:44pm] Guest642: we have caves that could certainly frighten you
[5:44pm] CamdenToy: Oh Boy
[5:44pm] Guest642: deep underground, total blackness,
[5:44pm] CamdenToy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh
[5:44pm] gman: I don’t know if you’re scaring him, but you’re scaring me.
[5:44pm] Simon: Let’s not frighten off our guests
[5:45pm] gman: Or the moderator.
[5:45pm] Endorill: lol
[5:45pm] CamdenToy: Help me O.B. One
[5:45pm] gman: lol

[5:44pm] gman: You’re next rbottnlv52.
[5:45pm] rbottnlv52: Ok, well my question was a little bit answered already, but maybe you could elaborate...What are your future plans for your career?
[5:46pm] CamdenToy: I’d really like to work as a regular on the Television series
[5:46pm] Guest642: I’d like that too Camden
[5:46pm] rbottnlv52: Any particular one?
[5:46pm] CamdenToy: to be able to develop a character over a number of seasons is a dream come true
[5:47pm] CamdenToy: Hmmmmm.... Well, DEADWOOD is very tempting
[5:47pm] angeldiva: with or without makeup?
[5:47pm] Guest642: you would be great on Deadwood
[5:47pm] Guest642: you would get to swear up a storm!
[5:47pm] teacherdarling: villian or hero?
[5:48pm] CamdenToy: Well, doesn’t everyone on DEADWOOD have make-up?!
[5:48pm] Guest642: don’t think there is a true villain or hero on Deadwood
[5:48pm] CamdenToy: Oh maybe an evil preacher
[5:48pm] gman: What about playing a mobster? What? Are you guys surprised I’d ask that question?
[5:48pm] CamdenToy: Yeah no one is innocent
[5:48pm] Simon: (Gman is in Jersey... go figure!)
[5:48pm] CamdenToy: A mobster? Hell yes
[5:49pm] rbottnlv52: lol
[5:49pm] Guest642: Soprano! Look Out!
[5:49pm] gman: Yesss! Sopranos on tomorrow night.
[5:49pm] angeldiva: Evil preacher? I’ll send you the drawing by tomorrow
[5:49pm] CamdenToy: Cool
[5:49pm] gman: She will. She’s dedicated.
[5:49pm] CamdenToy: Sure the Sopranos

[5:50pm] gman: You’re next, Endorill.
[5:50pm] Endorill: As Gnarl, you weren’t really eating Allyson’s skin, what WAS that stuff you swallowed? Yuch!
[5:51pm] CamdenToy: Well I didn’t really swallow it
[5:51pm] CamdenToy: It was a piece of rubber.
[5:52pm] Endorill: Thank you. it sounds suitably gross.
[5:52pm] gman: Which is appropriate. I think.
[5:52pm] CamdenToy: But the cast and crew didn’t know that I was going to put it in my mouth, and they were really grossed out
[5:52pm] Endorill: It was so creepppppppy!
[5:52pm] Guest642: you grossed out the cast? Cool!
[5:52pm] gman: Who was the grossed out the most? Alyson?
[5:53pm] CamdenToy: They all went ooooooooooooooooo
[5:53pm] CamdenToy: No, I think that it was the crew that was the most grossed out
[5:53pm] Guest642: wimps
[5:53pm] CamdenToy: They really stopped and took notice
[5:53pm] rbottnlv52: lol
[5:54pm] CamdenToy: They’ve seen a lot of stuff and it was fun to get them

[5:54pm] gman: Camden, what are your thoughts and feelings about the fan efforts to save Angel after the WB announced its cancellation?
[5:55pm] CamdenToy: Well, Believe me I really appprieciated it, but as you know, once the network made up their minds its pretty hard to change it.
[5:55pm] Guest642: if we could harness the passion of fans, we wouldn’t be dependent on oil!
[5:55pm] Endorill: Bravo. here .here.
[5:55pm] gman: And it cost some their jobs, maybe.
[5:55pm] gman: I mean at the WB.
[5:56pm] CamdenToy: I hope so, but I doubt it
[5:56pm] Guest642: I think fans sometimes don’t quite get that sometimes they have little influence at all
[5:56pm] CamdenToy: AS far as I know (and I’m no expert) I think that the descion came from pretty high up

[5:56pm] gman: Camden do you ever talk to any other fellow actors about the possible return of the Jossverse to tv?
[5:56pm] gman: Or anyone else in the business?
[5:57pm] CamdenToy: Well, as I keep hearing, there is talk (and it’s still only talk) about A spin off, or MOW
[5:58pm] Guest642: or the Spike movie
[5:58pm] Guest642: that has been floating around for years it seems
[5:58pm] Simon: Yes, many folks are wondering if there’s any news or speculation of potential additional Buffyverse productions...
[5:58pm] Guest642: the Spike movie is the only thing I’ve heard still be bandied about
[5:59pm] Endorill: So, pelting producers with postcards saying Hire Camden Toy for Deadwood would be in vain?
[5:59pm] CamdenToy: Yeah they keep talking about it, I hope that it’ll come to light
[5:59pm] Guest642: I would send that card in Endorill
[5:59pm] Simon: The most recent issue of ANGEL magazine (yes, still published) has Amy Acker quoted that there may be three tele-movies (or DVD movies) focusing on characters, including Spike...
[6:00pm] CamdenToy: I hope so

[6:00pm] gman: With so much disposable tv, do you think there is a future for Straight-to-DVD movies for the Jossverse? Or even not related to Buffy or Angel?
[6:01pm] CamdenToy: I’d love to work with those guys again
[6:01pm] Simon: And I’m sure I speak for us all, but we’d love to see you work with them again
[6:01pm] Buffyverse: for sure
[6:01pm] teacherdarling: here here Simon
[6:01pm] gman: Makes the world a better place.
[6:01pm] CamdenToy: Please send in your cards and letters
[6:02pm] angeldiva: and the fans deserve it
[6:02pm] CamdenToy: To the PTB
[6:02pm] Endorill: Your mouth to God’s ear.
[6:02pm] Buffyverse: indeed

[6:02pm] Simon: Seeing as it’s the hour, and we’ve exhausted our queued up questions...
[6:03pm] Simon: I’d like to thank Camden Toy for his graciousness in coming by to chat with us
[6:03pm] CamdenToy: Well I’d be happy to stay a little longer if you guys would like
[6:03pm] Simon: definitely!
[6:03pm] gman: Yes!
[6:03pm] CamdenToy: Okay
[6:03pm] Endorill: Doing the happy dance
[6:03pm] Simon: (We’re in free-for-all time, gang)

[6:04pm] Guest642: shall I describe the caves in more detail?

[6:02pm] angeldiva: Simon , may I make my statement?
[6:03pm] Simon: AngelD: please go ahead
[6:03pm] CamdenToy: Shoot!
[6:04pm] Endorill: Waiting on Angel diva
[6:04pm] angeldiva: Camden, I would really like to thank you for say ’thanks’ when I told you I was from Save Angel. Made us feel appreciated
[6:05pm] angeldiva: And for letting me strangle you in the cemetary
[6:05pm] gman: lol
[6:05pm] Buffyverse: ?
[6:05pm] Endorill: we were all awed when she brought the word back. So often we do not even know that our hard work is known by the people we do it for.
[6:05pm] gman: Camden it was your turn to be the victim, then.
[6:06pm] CamdenToy: The Cemetary was fun

[6:06pm] Endorill: Camden? I have just one more question, if I may?
[6:07pm] CamdenToy: Of course
[6:07pm] Endorill: Who are your favorite movie monsters? thank you.
[6:08pm] CamdenToy: Monster?
[6:08pm] CamdenToy: Monsters?
[6:08pm] Endorill: or plural, if you have them, the ones you enjoyed watching.
[6:09pm] CamdenToy: Well, the old Frankenstein and Dracula movies are still very close to my heart, and anything the Lon Chaney Sr did
[6:09pm] Endorill: Yay! thanks agin.

[6:09pm] Guest642: many people talk about the ’Best Bond’
[6:09pm] CamdenToy: Goldfinger
[6:10pm] Guest642: I like Dr. No
[6:10pm] gman: The best Bond would be the one with Alexis Denisoff starring in it.
[6:10pm] Endorill: Ditto from me, G.
[6:10pm] angeldiva: amen g
[6:10pm] CamdenToy: Oh he’d be a good Bond

[6:09pm] YMNIZA: Camden: how are you preparing yourself for Poconos?
[6:10pm] CamdenToy: MLR?
[6:10pm] YMNIZA: yeah ))
[6:10pm] CamdenToy: AH, do I need to prep?
[6:10pm] YMNIZA: they have a liquore store not far away from them.....
[6:10pm] YMNIZA: I checked that already....
[6:10pm] YMNIZA: lol
[6:11pm] gman: Camden will you be at Moonlight Rising?
[6:11pm] CamdenToy: I’m just going to do and have fun
[6:11pm] CamdenToy: Absolutely
[6:11pm] YMNIZA: Camden: oh...I don’t know...actually I read that when you are at convention...people have alot of fun )))
[6:13pm] teacherdarling: Camden? Fun? who woulda guessed

[6:11pm] Buffyverse: You have a lot of experience working on the technical end of things. Do you prefer that or acting?
[6:12pm] CamdenToy: I love both film editing and acting. For me they are very similar. When I am editing I play all the roles
[6:12pm] Buffyverse: Cool. Thanks

[6:12pm] gman: It’s true he and George Hertzberg went down a storm at the last Moonlight Rising.
[6:13pm] CamdenToy: Storm?
[6:13pm] gman: Yeah.
[6:13pm] gman: The crowd had a great time.
[6:13pm] angeldiva: Camden, you always seemed to be in a good mood- what’s you’re secret?
[6:13pm] CamdenToy: I’m not sure what you are refering to
[6:13pm] gman: The Moonlight Rising convention in the Poconos.
[6:13pm] gman: Last Summer.
[6:13pm] CamdenToy: I just show up and try to be of service
[6:14pm] YMNIZA: so much fun that.....)
[6:14pm] Guest642: oh yeah! i’ve heard raves about George and Camden and James Leary
[6:15pm] Guest642: I had heard rumors of a possible dvd of that
[6:15pm] CamdenToy: We had a great time doing the improv
[6:15pm] Guest642: it seems to have gotten almost legendary status now
[6:16pm] teacherdarling: Thanks for that Camden, all of us convention goers really appreciate how much fun you infuse into the cons
[6:17pm] CamdenToy: Thank you
[6:17pm] YMNIZA: I’ve yet to experince one.....
[6:17pm] CamdenToy: Well stop on by

[6:15pm] Simon: Camden, here’s one that’s been bothering me: how come you’re always being made to play bald characters?
[6:15pm] CamdenToy: Yeah, that bald thing
[6:16pm] CamdenToy: I’m not sure why that keeps happening. They were originally thinking of giving the Uber Vamp a little hair, but that the last minute the changed their minds
[6:16pm] gman: That’s why those Turok Hans were so easy to defeat, then. You weren’t one of them.
[6:16pm] Buffyverse: lol
[6:16pm] YMNIZA: hehe
[6:17pm] Endorill: yeah why was it yours looked so terrifying and the others looked lame?
[6:17pm] CamdenToy: I guess I’m just a scary guy

[6:17pm] Simon: As a reminder, Camden has an excellent Web site at http://www.camdentoy.com
[6:17pm] Simon: (That’s for when we repost this transcript)
[6:18pm] gman: lol
[6:18pm] angeldiva: and my art is on it shameless plug
[6:18pm] Endorill: Yes, been there ordered pictures.;-) great site
[6:18pm] CamdenToy: Come on in the water is just fine
[6:18pm] YMNIZA: plug it in plug it in....

[6:20pm] gman: Camden, what is your favorite episode of Buffy or Angel?
[6:22pm] CamdenToy: I still love HUSH
[6:22pm] YMNIZA: hmm...Hush....
[6:22pm] gman: Which I watched again two nights ago.
[6:22pm] gman: You know, research.
[6:22pm] CamdenToy: It’s just amazing
[6:22pm] YMNIZA: lol
[6:23pm] Andrea: Great choice, Camden. It’s a classic.
[6:23pm] angeldiva: hush is my fave
[6:24pm] YMNIZA: gman.....you watched epeisodes and then WITH the commenatires???
[6:24pm] gman: Yes.
[6:24pm] gman: Research. part of the job. Somebody has to do it.
[6:24pm] YMNIZA: gman: wow.....
[6:23pm] gman: Have you guys watched with Joss’s commentary?
[6:24pm] Angelica: Someone should oraganize one...
[6:24pm] CamdenToy: I’m a little sad the SAME TIME, SAME PLACE doesn’t have commentary
[6:24pm] gman: yes.
[6:25pm] gman: Joss and Mutant Enemy were so amazing I wish they all had commentary.
[6:25pm] CamdenToy: yeah
[6:25pm] YMNIZA: I wish Buffy’s DVDs were more like Xena’s....
[6:26pm] YMNIZA: they have VIDEO commentaries
[6:26pm] gman: That’s great.
[6:26pm] Guest642: how do video commentaries work?
[6:26pm] Guest642: do they show them watching the episode?
[6:26pm] CamdenToy: Like Xena’s in what way?
[6:26pm] YMNIZA: they videotape actors when they do audio commentary
[6:27pm] rbottnlv52: That would be interesting
[6:27pm] gman: Wow.
[6:27pm] CamdenToy: Wow
[6:27pm] YMNIZA: yeap
[6:27pm] CamdenToy: Sounds cool
[6:27pm] Buffyverse: Would you do that?
[6:27pm] gman: More Lucy Lawless is always a good thing.
[6:27pm] Guest642: I enjoyed both Xena and Hercules
[6:27pm] Guest642: the early years of course
[6:28pm] YMNIZA: it’s actually very cool....you can see them how they react....I mean audio commentaries are good...but video....is just amazing
[6:28pm] Guest642: yeah, Lucy Lawless will be on Battlestar Galatica next season
[6:28pm] Simon: Lucy has been wonderful in some of her recent genre guest roles. Just was going to mention the Galactica work.
[6:29pm] YMNIZA: I thought she did a good job on Veponica Mars
[6:29pm] CamdenToy: I’d love to do a Galactica episode
[6:29pm] gman: Yes, she did YMNIZA.
[6:29pm] gman: I just started watching.
[6:29pm] gman: What a great show.
[6:29pm] YMNIZA: yeah
[6:29pm] Guest642: as a Cylon, Camden?
[6:29pm] CamdenToy: yeah
[6:29pm] Guest642: or one of the survivors?
[6:30pm] CamdenToy: I’d have to put some thought into that
[6:30pm] Guest642: Camden can be model number 1!
[6:30pm] Simon: LOL
[6:30pm] CamdenToy: Sure
[6:30pm] gman: Camden is Galactica one of your favorites?
[6:30pm] YMNIZA: I’m soo not familiar with the Galactica’s story....lol
[6:31pm] CamdenToy: I like it, but I’d say that CARNIVAL is one of my favorite shows
[6:31pm] Guest642: too bad they cancelled it
[6:31pm] Simon: and some of us worried that genre shows were disappearing from television when ANGEL was cancelled.
[6:31pm] CamdenToy: Or should I say was

[6:37pm] Guest642: thanks for mentioning Lightning Bug earlier Simon
[6:37pm] Guest642: I meant to see that movie
[6:38pm] Simon: Guest642: absolutely. Rob Hall is a talent to watch.
[6:38pm] Guest642: yeah, i was lucky enough to meet him in Toronto during a convention
[6:39pm] CamdenToy: Rob Hall is great
[6:39pm] Simon: Rob Hall, for those who don’t know, is the special make-up effects guru behind "Almost Human"
[6:40pm] Guest642: I post at a couple of boards, usually under the name of Christopher Marlowe or Elais
[6:40pm] CamdenToy: He’s the owner and head designer of Almost Human
[6:41pm] Buffyverse: Is Almost Human available on video? I know nothing about it
[6:41pm] Guest642: my online friend Jennifer is one of Robs biggest fans
[6:41pm] Guest642: Almost Human is a company, I thought
[6:41pm] CamdenToy: Almost Human is the name of the SFX make-up company
[6:41pm] Simon: Almost Human is the effects company that did costumes/makeup on Buffy and ANGEL
[6:41pm] Buffyverse: This proves I know nothing about it
[6:42pm] Simon: Scott: well, now you know...and knowing is half the battle.
[6:42pm] CamdenToy: He was the writer and director of LIGHTNING BUG
[6:42pm] Buffyverse: lol:)
[6:42pm] Simon: I’m not sure what the other half is.
[6:42pm] Simon: probably fighting.
[6:42pm] Guest642: I have a little promotional card of Lightning Bug on my cubicle wall at work
[6:43pm] CamdenToy: it’s available on DVD, check it out

[6:45pm] gman: Camden was it more fun hitting David Boreanaz in Why We Fight or James Marsters in Bring on the Night?
[6:47pm] CamdenToy: It’s always fun to do fighting on camera
[6:47pm] gman: I guess it’s all good.
[6:47pm] gman: And nobody really gets hurt.
[6:47pm] CamdenToy: Yeah
[6:48pm] CamdenToy: David’s stunt double was amazing, he was throwing himself over that table in that small submarine set
[6:49pm] Guest642: Stunt People really do deserve some kind of Oscar for their work

[6:46pm] Guest642: Have you run across fans that seemed a little scary to you Camden?
[6:47pm] CamdenToy: I’ve met a few that have been a little scary
[6:47pm] Angelica: Ah, I always love that question...
[6:47pm] Kate: as scarey as any of your charecters? lol
[6:48pm] gman: I just read a book about Black Sabbath and they were really scared of some fans.
[6:49pm] CamdenToy: Once in a while there are some odd fans that show up
[6:50pm] Guest642: I think us fans know of other fans that seem a bit odd to us
[6:50pm] gman: Camden, what makes them scary? They dress up?
[6:50pm] CamdenToy: That they don’t seem to know that appropriate bounderaries
[6:51pm] Guest642: I’ve heard some wacky stuff some of James Marsters’ fans have done
[6:51pm] Angelica: ...I’ve seen the types...
[6:51pm] Simon: "Fan" is after all derived from "fanatic"
[6:52pm] CamdenToy: Yeah, most people don’t know the derivation of fan
[6:52pm] YMNIZA: fanatic...lunatic....
[6:52pm] Kate: obsessed....
[6:52pm] CamdenToy: Howling at the Moon
[6:52pm] gman: Sounds like hockey fans.
[6:52pm] Kate: lol
[6:52pm] YMNIZA: lol
[6:52pm] Guest983: lol
[6:52pm] CamdenToy: Oh yeah
[6:52pm] gman: Which I’m proud to say, I’m one.
[6:52pm] Guest642: good one gman
[6:52pm] Kate: or curling fans
[6:52pm] YMNIZA: hahaha
[6:52pm] CamdenToy: cool

[6:57pm] Kate: open question: what do you guys think made the gentlemen so creepy? the fact that you couldn’t scream? the smiles? the floatyness?
[6:57pm] Guest642: the silence, kate
[6:57pm] Guest983: The smiles
[6:57pm] Angelica: The Childrens Rhyme.
[6:57pm] Andrea: Their movement
[6:58pm] Guest642: and the smiles
[6:58pm] Buffyverse: the weird hand movements
[6:58pm] gman: The hand movements, yes.
[6:58pm] Guest642: they are so....unsettling
[6:58pm] CamdenToy: I think that the whole concept taps into all of our childhood nightmares
[6:58pm] Kate: the dog-people were actually creepier to me
[6:58pm] YMNIZA: smiles!
[6:58pm] gman: Where did you guys come up with the hand movements?
[6:58pm] gman: Was it suggested by Joss?
[6:59pm] CamdenToy: It was partly from Joss and partly just from Doug and I playing with it
[6:59pm] Guest117: Angelica & Buffyverse—ITA about the movement. Camden, you guys were incredibly scary. I still think Hush was one of the best TV episodes done, ever.
[6:59pm] gman: yes.
[6:59pm] gman: You and Doug had tremendous chemistry.
[7:00pm] Guest983: *nods* You guys did a wonderful job.
[7:00pm] Angelica: ITA? I’m so behind on netspeak...
[7:00pm] YMNIZA: Angelica: I was thinking the same...
[7:00pm] CamdenToy: It was very organic. and of course it also comes from our giving the feeling of floating
[7:00pm] Guest117: Gnarl was also incredibly creepy. I still get shivers just thinking about you playing that char. crouched over Willow, slicing and munching. Yeesh!
[7:00pm] CamdenToy: Thanks
[7:00pm] CamdenToy: I loved Gnarl
[7:01pm] Buffyverse: He was extremely twisted...
[7:01pm] gman: People never forget your work, Camden.
[7:01pm] Guest983: Yes he was.
[7:01pm] YMNIZA: for some reason gnarl is more scary to me than gentelmen’s
[7:01pm] Kate: scott: well he was a demon
[7:01pm] CamdenToy: Thanks
[7:01pm] Buffyverse: tis true
[7:01pm] CamdenToy: Well so were the Gentlemen
[7:02pm] Simon: How much "Gollum" was in Gnarl?
[7:03pm] CamdenToy: There was a lot of Gollum in the writing, but not so much in the my making of it

[7:02pm] Guest117: Just wondering—have you studied dance a lot? The way you use movement in your chars is just amazing.
[7:03pm] CamdenToy: I have a background in dance, mine, clowning, and about seven different martial arts
[7:03pm] Buffyverse: wow
[7:03pm] Guest117: MIME! agh! Now that’s scary!

[7:01pm] gman: Did you have a lot of fun with the Prince of Lies?
[7:02pm] gman: He’s my favorite.
[7:02pm] CamdenToy: Oh my God, are you kidding, it was so much fun
[7:03pm] gman: Besides Nosferatu did anything or anyone else provide inspiration for the Prince of Lies?
[7:05pm] CamdenToy: The Prince of Lies is my tribute to all the actors who have played Nosferatu
[7:05pm] gman: Angel did that guy a favor by staking him. he was in bad shape mentally.
[7:06pm] CamdenToy: Yeah, he was an ooooooold guy
[7:06pm] gman: I think that guy was more in need of medication than blood.
[7:06pm] CamdenToy: yeah

[7:06pm] CamdenToy: Well guys and gals, I’m slowly turning into a pumpkin.
[7:06pm] YMNIZA: lol
[7:06pm] gman: Well, thank you so much Camden.
[7:06pm] YMNIZA: 4 hours till pupkin hour....
[7:07pm] gman: A pumpkin with an evil grin.
[7:07pm] Guest983: thank you Mr. Toy.
[7:07pm] gman: You rock, Camden.
[7:07pm] Buffyverse: Thanks, Mr. Toy
[7:07pm] Guest642: very appreciative of you spending time with us Camden
[7:07pm] CamdenToy: It’s been an absolute pleasure for me! Thank you so much.
[7:07pm] Guest117: Thanks so much for doing this!
[7:07pm] Angelica: Bye Camden! Hope to see ya soon!
[7:07pm] YMNIZA: thank you!
[7:07pm] Kate: thanks so much
[7:07pm] Andrea: Thank you, Camden
[7:07pm] YMNIZA: see you at MR
[7:07pm] gman: Thank you so much.
[7:07pm] YMNIZA: lol
[7:07pm] Sara: Thank you, I know I didn’t say much, but it was wonderful for you to chat with us
[7:08pm] CamdenToy: All of you, please stay in touch, there is an email link to me on my website http://www.camdentoy.com
[7:08pm] Angelica: Definitely.
[7:08pm] gman: Good luck with your new movie, Camden.
[7:08pm] Simon: Camden: once again, you’ve been most gracious to spend the last couple hours with us. I’ll send you off an email with more interview Qs
[7:08pm] CamdenToy: the email is: camdentoystore@hotmail.com
[7:08pm] Buffyverse: Thanks!
[7:08pm] CamdenToy: cool. Hope to see you all at a convention soon.
[7:09pm] Simon: And thanks to our virtual audience for joining in, especially the new folks who may have come by for the first time!
[7:09pm] YMNIZA: good night
[7:09pm] CamdenToy: have a good evening.
[7:09pm] gman: Thank you all for joining us.
[7:09pm] Guest117: Bye everyone!
[7:09pm] Guest983: You too. Bye!
[7:09pm] Guest117 left the chat room. (Quit: Bye bye!)
[7:09pm] CamdenToy: And Gman and Simon, you guys Rock!
[7:09pm] Guest642: how soon will the transcript be up Simon?
[7:09pm] Simon: 642: Look for it tomorrow or Monday
[7:09pm] gman: Hope to see you guys on the forum.
[7:09pm] CamdenToy: Bye!
[7:10pm] Angelica: Ciao bello!
[7:10pm] gman: Thanks, Camden. Bye
[7:10pm] YMNIZA: bye
[7:10pm] Simon: Bye, Camden! Have a great evening
[7:10pm] Buffyverse: Thanks, Camden. Bye!
[7:10pm] CamdenToy: you too!
[7:10pm] CamdenToy: Bye all!
[7:10pm] Kate: byes!
[7:10pm] CamdenToy left the chat room. (Quit: Bye bye!)