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Caroline Dhavernas on Wonderfalls movie (david boreanaz mention)

Thursday 24 March 2005, by Webmaster

Brunette beauty Caroline Dhavernas let all her spunk hang out over at PopGurls and got blabbing about the rumoured "Wonderfalls" movie. Though keen, the Canadian actress says she’ll wait for confirmation before doing double-backflips.

"They’re talking about a movie", says the actress. "I don’t want to hold [them] to that [though] because in this business you can talk about things for years before they get done - god knows if the financing would happen. I know that people are still thinking about it, so we’ll see what happens."

Next up, says the actress, is a movie with former "Angel" star David Boreanaz called "These Girls".

"These Girls, I shot in Canada, in Shediac, which is the lobster capital of the world", she says. "[it] is the story of three girls from a small town living their last summer together after high school. And one of them babysits [for] some cute older guy, who is played by David Boreanaz. One night the two other girls, which I’m part of, are on a raid to steal his pot plants in his backyard and through the window, see their friend and this man having an affair. These two girls start wanting the same thing because in this neighborhood, they know all the guys so well. It’s a small town and all the guys are just really boring to them. After many fights and alliances, they kind of work up this rotating babysitting schedule - not really "just babysitting" if you know what I mean. And therefore they start completely controlling this married man’s life".

After that, we’ll see her in "Niagra Motel". "George F. Walker wrote this movie and he actually wrote six plays that all take place in these crappy motels and he has different storylines that take place in and around the motel and restaurant of the motel. And these characters either bump into each other or live in the same universe. I play Loretta, a young waitress who fled from Montreal after many boyfriends gone bad. And she’s there to think clearly and make important decisions in her life, and most of all, make money. She meets this porn producer who tries to get her in sexy movies - the producer is played by Kevin Pollack. He tries to get her in the production of this sexy movie, but they have no clue how to make one - while her new boyfriend is trying to get her out of it. It’s like a trio of people who don’t know what they’re doing and it’s very funny".

Her next movie is something she’ll shoot in Europe, she says. "It’s in French, so the title’s in French, but what it means is "Like Everybody Else." It’s the story of a marketing company who finds a young man through some game show who’s the answer to their prayers. Because he is the answer to every poll or test group for a new product that you could have. He is the answer of the majority. So, they can stop making all these polls with test groups because they only have to present him a product and he will either like it or not and if he doesn’t like it, they won’t even bother to put it out there because it means the product will have no success at all. But if he does love something, it automatically becomes a best seller", she says. "All this happens without him knowing - they actually install cameras in his apartment and hire this girl to get him to fall in love with her so that she can be in the apartment and present him products without him knowing. She works with the company. He becomes so important, this man, without knowing it that even the President of France will go to him for advice for his new campaign techniques. At some point the girl starts having issues with all this and sees how we’re all exploiting him. It’s a really fun plot and a fun movie so I can’t wait".