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From Kryptonsite.com

Casting Call Goes Out For Lois Lane

Wednesday 16 June 2004, by xanderbnd

A casting call has gone out to agents for the role of Lois Lane, a "recurring guest star for the first four episodes" of Season Four.

The breakdown describes Lois as "caucasian, smart, beautiful, urban, headstrong, and no-nonsense." It says she was an Army kid who moved around every two years. She lost her mother at a young age and helped to raise her young sister, which made her mature beyond her years.

Her father, Sam Lane, is a "high-ranking general" in the U.S. Army. Lois has no room for small talk or superstition, and she has a long history of defying her father and asserting her independence.

The breakdown says that Sam always wanted a son rather than a daughter and thus raised Lois to be hard as nails, like a perfect soldier. Lois hides her vulnerability with sarcasm and wit... much like her cousin, Chloe.

At this point in her life, Lois is in her early twenties and has no interest in journalism. She’s in Smallville to investigate the death of Chloe. (We still don’t believe Chloe is dead, so don’t worry!)

Breakdowns have also gone out for the role of Jason Teague, who is in his early 20’s and "incredibly handsome and sexy." He was raised a rich kid in Metropolis. He likes to escape to far away places every summer, and this time it happens to be Paris. "Jason is the guy everyone wants as his best friend," the breakdown says. Jason is a football player who is always looking to spite his parents. He’s currently pursuing a degree in education at Metropolis University. Jason could be from a Caucasion or Latino background, and the role is a "series regular."