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Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter - "Greek" Tv Series - She is a guest tonight

Tuesday 11 January 2011, by Webmaster


This week, ZBZ National Rep Tegan drops by for rush week and clashes with Rebecca in a huge way over potential pledges and how she’s running the house. But seeing these two acid-tongued femmes battle it out for the final word is like watching two carnivorous beasts fight over the last chunk of ripe carcass. It’s that good — and makes me miss Cordy. The two particularly disagree on how to deal with the search for a new house mom, a role Casey takes on temporarily during the episode. Although, someone does get picked for the job by the end of the hour, and you already know them very well.

Other things to look forward to: Star Wars sex, a Scrubs 2.0 shout-out, and the introduction of pledge Spiderman.