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Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter - London Comic Con June 2005 - Medium Quality Fan Photos

Wednesday 29 June 2005, by Webmaster

June 25-26, 2005 - At the London ’Film and Comic’ Con.

Charisma Carpenter - London Comic Con June 2005 - Medium Quality Fan Photos - Gallery

IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-comic-con-3-mq-01.jpg IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-comic-con-3-mq-02.jpg IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-comic-con-3-mq-03.jpg IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-comic-con-3-mq-04.jpg IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-comic-con-3-mq-05.jpg IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-comic-con-3-mq-06.jpg IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-comic-con-3-mq-07.jpg IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-comic-con-3-mq-08.jpg

2 Forum messages

  • Wow, i think she is the prettiest Jossverse girl of all! I love her hair and smile.
  • I met Charisma on both the Saturday and Sunday, she put me right at ease both times, which was definitely needed as I was shaking like a leaf! For seven years, I’ve worshipped both the actress and the character she plays, so meeting her was a dream and then some. She didn’t have a lot of time on the Saturday for photographs, which is completely understandable considering she was one of the most popular guests there. Since I wasn’t expecting a photograph for this reason, I was more than content to simply have her autograph. However, when I went back on the Sunday, Charisma remembered me and told me to go back towards the end of the day for a picture. In fact, she called me over to her when she saw me scuttling towards the bar! She was lovely, very genuine and sweet with an amazing smile and enviable hair. I just wish I’d gotten more time with her, even if only to wangle more beauty secrets out of her!