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Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

Sunday 15 August 2004, by Webmaster

Chrissy at CC.com and another reliable source has confirmed that Charisma Carpenter will play The Seer on the WB’s Charmed.

The episode is titled "Cheaper by the Dozen" and will air on September 26th assuming it isn’t pre-empted. The series airs Sundays at 8pm ET.


From Spoilerfix.com :

Episode 7.03: Cheaper By The Coven

Airdate: Fall 2004

- When a spell backfires, the three sisters regress back to their teenage years. A demon tries to kidnap Baby Wyatt. The bar manager at P3 is named Rex. There is a journalism awards ceremony and Phoebe is nominated in single best column of the year.

- Wyatt seems jealous of his little brother. At the Magic School, Paige is swamped in paper work. The sisters get help from a Magic School grad student named Ben. The awards ceremony is the "San Francisco Reader’s Choice Awards." Phoebe, still acting as a teenager, attends the ceremony and agrees to answer some personal questions while she’s on the stage... Leo visits a Seer in order to get info on who is after Wyatt but he’s not ready to accept what the Seer reveals to him. Grams, Victor, Patty, and Leslie also appear.

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  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    15 August 2004 23:35, by Anonymous
    to be honest i am happy to see cc on tv again-but CHARMED! omg. why!? i do respect cc, so i guess i can respect her decision to be on charmed. im not happy about it-but still ill get over it.
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    16 August 2004 00:01, by Anonymous
    ......so charmed is a show about... what? I dont like it, but hey if Charisma is going to be on it i’ll have to see it...::Sighs::
  • well the girl does need money ya know! so, charmed sucks?
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    16 August 2004 01:36, by Anonymous

    yeah, such a small part.

    I was soooo proud of her after The Division!

  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    16 August 2004 01:42, by Anonymous
    "lower" herself? Whatever!! "charmed" may not be the best shows...god knows they’ve had the same story forever...but it’s cute..or (insert something nice here:)and funny.Anyway it’s not THAT bad!!!I actually don’t watch the WB anymore since they took ANGEL off....but for Charisma I shall tune in one night!!!
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    16 August 2004 04:47, by Damil
    NOOO! That is terrible! That means I might actually be tempted to watch the seventh season of Charmed! I can’t believe Charisma would even consider that!
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    16 August 2004 09:28, by Anonymous
    that’s exactly what i was thinking!! Charmed sucks!
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    16 August 2004 16:11, by Anonymous
    Need the money? Uh, I’m pretty sure the last 10 years on TV, including 3 seasons of Buffy and 4 seasons of Angel, not to mention the TV appearances and modeling gigs have allowed her to live off the interest, unless she’s a real heavy spender.
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    16 August 2004 17:57, by Evil Wiccan Vixen

    Lets see.....maybe its just that no one could possibly have anything constructive to say, or I’m giving to much credit, and this is just a bunch of teenagers commenting.....but either way.

    Lets see....Charmed is now the running show in Sci/fi fantasy, on the WB....Maybe Charisma’s fan base should be happy for her, she has a chance to get herself back in the audiences eye on a good (deal with it, it would’nt have run for 7 years if it wasn’t good) show that even though apparently buffy enthusiasts seem to have issues with the show, which I think is due to the fact that it’s still running and all the buffy verse is now gone (Jealousy rears its ugly head).

    THis could quite possible give her a new home, with a crowd base, that in my opinion, seems to be more understanding and less harsh then the buffy verse.

  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    16 August 2004 19:40, by Anonymous
    Evil Wiccan, you are absolutely right. This fanbase can be so harsh. Why even comment if you have nothing but negative things to say. People want to try to make cc’s role choices out to be acts of desperation just like they did with the playboy shoot, when in fact they are quite the opposite. And a good response to those that want to critisize her. I am not a fan of charmed at all, but I will watch it because I am a Charisma fan and I know she will not dissapoint. I have enjoyed all of her appearances since Angel, even the dramatic role on the division. Whether you like Charmed are not,it is an established show with some well known names involved and good exposure.
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    17 August 2004 06:47, by Damil
    That is so stupid. The reason crappy charmed is still on is because the wb are useless pieces of sh!t. I’m serious, they have made the worst decisions ever. They cancelled Angel, one of their top-rated shows at the time (RATED HIGHER THAN CHARMED!) and they keep charmed on when it is a tired crap show that should have ended after season three. It’s just the same with 7th heaven, that should have been killed years ago. The wb said they needed to get rid of one of their veteran shows to make room for new ones. So they cancel Angel when it gets better ratings and has been on less than charmed and 7th heaven! What’s that about!? As for Charisma being on it, i’m not terribly happy, but I still respect her even if I don’t respect her decisions.
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    17 August 2004 20:18, by Anonymous
    I always loved Buffy, but I thought Angel sucked! This is great because I liked Cordeilia on Buffy, but not enough to watch Angel. I loved Charmed. It’s a lot better than Angel.
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    17 August 2004 22:40, by Shaka

    The spoilers make her appearance out to be small, but she’ll probably have a pretty big role in the episode. And working for so long on the WB, Charimsa probably knows the Charmed cast pretty well.

    And get off charmed. IF you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s lasted an awfully long time.

  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    18 August 2004 20:11, by Anonymous
    I am the one who thinks Angel sucks, and I do have a clue. It sucked! Angel, the show and character, were boring. I don’t care which show was "darker". I’m not into that kind of stuff. Buffy was better, that is why it got better reviews overall. That is why Buffy, and Sarah, were always mentioned as being overlooked at the emmys. Nobody cares about Angel or David Boreanaz. Charisma was the only good thing about that show. Charmed is fun, and as for the comment about them only wearing tight outfits remeber Faith. She looke downright slutty. Charisma and Sarah were also known for their revealing outfits early on.
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    20 August 2004 11:08, by Myesyats
    Brrr! Feeling the tension in this room! I love all three shows, and I really respect CC’s decision to do this.
  • > Charisma Carpenter On Charmed - Confirmed !!!!!!!

    21 August 2004 04:22, by frozenpiper2a
    I am getting tired of all the bad things said about Charmed. The reason it is still on the air is because the show has consistently done well in every time slot and every night the WB has put Charmed on. Angel has not. I loved Angel as much as the nextfan but that is the truth so Charmed deserved to be picked up. I do think that Angel should have been picked up for a sixth season because the 5th season was great and I think it would only have gotten better. The fans need to blame the WB for wanting to put on reality shows and more reruns instead of blaming Charmed!!!