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Charisma Carpenter - On her actual work - Liveforfilms.com Interview

samedi 17 juillet 2010, par Webmaster

Charisma Carpenter has starred in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Legend of the The Seeker. She is also going to be gracing the big screen in The Expendables and Fast Five (the next Fast and Furious sequel).

She was in the UK promoting her new film, Psychosis, and Live for Films Agent, Alan Simmons was there to interview her. She spoke about working with Sylvester Stallone, The Avengers movie and what she thought of Wonder Woman’s new costume.

Live For Films : Hi Charisma, I’m Alan from Live For Films.

Charisma Carpenter : Hi Alan.

LFF : Firstly can you tell me how you got involved in Psychosis and what appealed to you about it ?

CC : II was offered the role, I read the script, I knew that Paul Sculfor (lead actor) was attached and I didn’t know much about him. I had a conversation with Reg (Traviss, the Director) after reading the script I was really interested and my interest was peaked and then I had a meeting with Reg and we talked about it. We talked about a couple of concerns that I had and I felt that since he had done the screenplay that he was very informed. He had had it all worked out already in his mind and his answers were thorough and his concerns were whether I was comfortable. I just really responded to this sort of very nurturing side to his directing.

LFF : What were the concerns that you had initially ?

CC : You know what, I can’t even remember… there was, the main thing was she is drugged and she’s taken advantage of. It was a very explicit scene – so I was very concerned about that, and to what degree and why does she have dinner with him ?

Psychosis premiere

LFF : Can you tell me about your character ? Bear in mind, I haven’t seen the film by the way.

CC : Oh you gotta see it. We’re having the premiere tonight, you’re invited. Her name is Susan, she had a mental break so her husband brings her to the country, in England, for some peace and quiet and to finish her book. From that point all kinds of things start happening in the house and you don’t know if it’s the house, or she’s having premonitions, or if she’s having another mental break, what’s real, what isn’t. So it’s a psychological thriller, it’s really entertaining. I’m actually kinda proud of it.

LFF : Did you meet Justin Hawkins (of The Darkness) ?

CC : I did, I did…

LFF : And were you aware of his…

Simultaneously CC : Fame ? LFF : Past ?

CC : No, not at all.

LFF : So not a Darkness fan ?

CC : You know I have to be honest. Most of my life from 23 to 33, I was on a film set working so many hours. You go to work in the dark, you get off work and it’s dark. You walk onto the soundstage and when you walk off it’s night time. So there’s not a lot of room to get educated or what’s current in the scene so… For me it was sort of difficult to balance that. But it was made clear to me and I was very aware that he was a big deal.

LFF : (laughing) Was it him telling you that ?

CC : No ! No, no, not at all ! He was very mellow and laid back. I really didn’t get to engage with him that much, I just, you know… watched him get strangled (laughs).

LFF : So are you a big horror fan ?

CC : You know I do like horrors. I‘ve seen a lot of them, you know, growing up. Exorcist, The Shining, Hellraiser, Carrie. Yeah, I loved it, especially when I was like 8 years old, I loved to watch movies and get scared.

LFF : What bout British horror movies, have you seen any of those ?

CC : I haven’t. I’ve just starred in one, that’s it – that’s my only experience of one.

(Knowing I don’t have much time, I resist the urge to give her a list to watch)

LFF : Can I ask you about The Expendables ? (in which she plays The Stath’s girlfriend) We’re (meaning I) massive Jason Statham fans…

CC : You are, I heard, so am I ! We have that in common !

LFF : Was he good fun, was he nice to work with ?

CC : He was, he’s very lovely. (sounding surprised) He’s very serious. He takes his craft very seriously. You know I remember asking him “so have you done martial arts all your life ?” and he was like “No. Not at all” and I was shocked ! “You mean you’re not this 10th degree… black belt..

LFF : (Chipping in) He was an Olympic diver.

CC : So I heard, it’s just that he’s so effective and believable doing all those stunts. He’s so good, he’s so good at it, that I just assumed and I was like wow, that’s a testament to his abilities.

LFF : Is Sylvester Stallone a closet Buffy fan ?

(silence, such a long silence)

LFF : I only ask because he cast…

CC : (gets it) Ohhhhhhhhhh.

LFF : …Julie Benz(she played Darla in Buffy) in Rambo and now you in The Expendables (CC was, of course, Cordelia in Buffy).

CC : He just likes nice girls, we just happened to be from the same show.

LFF : (super smooth segway) Talking of Buffy, did you still keep in touch with those guys ?

CC : I bump into Eliza (Dushku) and I’m quite close with Julie (Benz) and I see Alexis (Denisof) every now and then – we share an acting class together. But I kinda have my life and my career and we all spread out.

LFF : Of course. Have you spoken to Joss recently ? Have you been pestering him about The Avengers at all ?

CC : Do you know, I haven’t. I don’t know how I’d fit into that film. I don’t know who I could possibly play. I figured I’d stop needling him after Wonder Woman ! (big smile) Just leave him alone and if he calls…

LFF : (super smooth segway #2) Talking of Wonder Woman, you’re still our (my) choice to play her.

CC : Yesss ! (does a little fist pump) I think that makes perfect sense, right ?! (bigger smile)

LFF : Quickly… (rummaging through folder) They’re changing her costume, in the comics, I don’t know if you know about that ?

CC : No. Let me see.

LFF : (hands over a picture) This is her new outfit. Can you tell us what you think ?

CC : (very unimpressed) Oh. It could be sexier. It could be sexier. Why the leggings ? She definitely needs a cape.

LFF : (laughing)

CC : The shrug isn’t so happening, maybe if she took off the shrug. Is this official ?

LFF : (hoping so) It is.

CC : Who’s doing it ?

LFF : J. Michael Straczynski.

(still unimpressed silence)

LFF : Not impressed ? (taking picture back)

CC : I’m American, so it’s, I’m caught in the authentic… Maybe if she was a girl, like Wonder Girl. That’d be OK for a girl, but not a woman.

LFF : (being tapped on the shoulder and told to wrap up) Before I go, I’ve got a couple of quick-fire questions that we try to ask everyone…

CC : Sure, no problem.

LFF : Can you tell what the first film you remember watching is ?

CC : (instantly) When A Stranger Calls.

LFF : If a movie monster was going to kill you, which one would it be and what would your final words be ?

CC : (laughing) Probably the ‘gatorbait, the swamp creature and “Damn you to hell !”

LFF : Which do you prefer, salted, sweet or buttered popcorn ?

CC : I like homestyle, the sweet popcorn.

LFF : Great, thank you.

CC : Thank you, it was nice to meet you.

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