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Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter - "Supernatural" Tv Series - On The Set - Medium Quality Photo

Wednesday 24 August 2011, by Webmaster

Some pictures are just too great not to post. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Charisma Carpenter is on the "Supernatural" set in Vancouver, and on Monday, she and series star Jared Padalecki posted a photo of themselves working on Monday morning. ("#hairfail," Carpenter tweeted.)

She noted that she and Padalecki were the only actors working that morning, and that her "Buffy" co-star James Masters would be joining the fun on Tuesday. Yes... in case you’ve been living under a rock — a different one from the rock that the geeks live under — Cordelia and Spike will be playing a married couple on the fifth "Supernatural" episode of Season 7, entitled, "Shut up, Dr. Phil."

"First Day. New girl. Making’ friends," Carpenter tweeted. Our favorite thing about this photo is how Padalecki looks like a delighted fanboy who just got an autograph at DragonCon. (And rightfully so! "Supernatural" owes a lot to "Buffy.")

Today, KSiteTV reports the titles of the first nine "Supernatural" episodes in Season 7. The season premiere on Sept. 23 is called "Meet the New Boss," and the promotional trailer warns fans to "Kiss your Cass goodbye." Watch the spot below, in which Castiel tells the Winchesters that the Castiel they know is gone.

Episode 2 is titled "Hello, Cruel World," and the third episode — directed by Jensen Ackles and featuring guest star Jewel Staite — is "The Girl Next Door." It’s a flashback episode that recalls a high school sweetheart of Sam’s.

The remaining episode titles are below. We particularly love "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!"

#7.4 "Defending Your Life"
#7.5 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"
#7.6 "Slash Fiction"
#7.7 "All in the Family"
#7.8 "The Mentalists"
#7.9 "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!"