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Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter - "Veronica Mars" 2x01 - High Quality Promotional Photo

Tuesday 23 August 2005, by Webmaster

Veronica Mars Season 2 Episode 01 "Urine Trouble"

Charisma Carpenter - "Veronica Mars" 2x01 - High Quality Promotional Photo - Gallery

IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-veronica-mars-season-2-promotional-photo-hq-01-07 (...) IMG/jpg/charisma-carpenter-veronica-mars-season-2-promotional-photo-hq-01-12 (...)

5 Forum messages

  • Yikes! She’s beautiful...
  • She’s beautiful. But I think it’s not fair to her: This picture or screencap is wierd. I mean she’s in a poss, or maybe it’s the angle, where her upper body looks small than her tights and legs. The drink and her hand look bigger than her head. I know the pictures taked on a *bellow* angle makes you look desporportioned. We saw her before, and recently at the UPN party where she looked really thin and firm. Also, she seems to be in the middle of a movement (twisting or girating) so one legs looks bigger than the other one that looks really thin. and if you look at the small version of this, you’ll see that more clearly. I think VM’s crew should use another picture. CC is probably the most beautiful woman of the Buffyverse and with the best body, and she doesn’t looks as this at all. This is probably the first unflatering picture of her I’ve ever saw. I don’t know why they didn’t use another one. Come on, CC is not one of those actress that, except by a miracle, looks bad. I bet there are tons of screencaps of that scene from a logic angle where she looks like she is. I’m not bashing her, I love Charisma, She’s looking better than ever and, because of that, I don’t thin this is fair to her.
  • I’m sorry, but this show is not interesting. I’m glad she can get a job still, especially at her age because Hollywood is picky, but I wish she hadn’t chosen a teen show.
  • beautiful.but i think you’re right about the angle.her thighs look huge.and that’s impossible!!!! lol.
  • To the one who wrote about VM not being a good and only a teen show. Well, Joss loves that shows so much that he writes to the creator saying how good he is. It became a cult show, even if the ratings didn’t go well. THis "teen show" is more respected that a lot of adult show: from what I read about the press, the critics said it’s one of the best series ever. And, I don’t agree, but it had way more better critics than Buffy in its time (as I said I don’t agree, but when BTVS showed up the press, even with the good ratings, nominated it a lot of times as the worst show). And for her age..... well let’s say Desperate Housewife, CSI, Lost, etc. Those actors and the guest stars and often over 30 or even 35. NOt only in Hollywood are teen shows......