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Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter - "Veronica Mars" Tv Series - "The Rapes of Graff" Episode Review

Sean Elliott

Saturday 1 April 2006, by Webmaster

“Rapes of Graff” the latest VERONICA MARS episode portends of the future for Veronica and gang. Veronica head to tour the local college and find that it isn’t quite so different form high school. While there she encounters her ex, Troy Vandergraff and tries to solve a rape. Let me rephrase that, Veronica comes on to the case to help clear Troy’s name of the accusation of rape.

There were a couple of surprises in this episode just in the form of guest star from ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Michael Cera (George Michael Bluth) and Ali Shawkat (Maybe Bluth) played students who had integral parts to play in the episode.

This show is written in a definite BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER style. All of the dialogue and teen angst has a direct lineage back to BUFFY and it shows. Veronica in particular was promoted as a “Buffy-esque” character before the series even started. Her quick quips and touch attitude definitely make her comparable to Buffy Summers.

Michael Muhney was sleazier than his usual Sheriff Lamb self in this episode. Revealed to be banging Madison Sinclair, he’s coerced into helping Veronica’s dad solve a case of hooker theft. Mr. Mars also produces some pretty clever photos of Lamb in an elevator with Madison with banners across them saying “she’s 18...re-elect sheriff Lamb”.

The episode ends with not much resolution. The rapist in never revealed and Troy wanders off on his own. Veronica moves closer to finding out who used C4 explosive to blow up the bus, and the mystery deepens.

The storyline with Veronica’s dad and a stolen briefcase full of murder files in this episode probably will tie into everything before it’s all said and done. This show is one of those that you have to pay attention to all of the storylines and not just some to keep tally of who’s racking up the suspect points.

Sadly this episode there wasn’t even a hint of Charisma Carpenter. She was missed by all of the male fans of show as well as a few of the female fans as well. Perhaps next episode we all will be treated to another shot of Charisma by the pool ...who knows?