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Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter - "Vivid" Movie - Details

Friday 27 February 2009, by Webmaster

Vivid stars the beautiful Charisma Carpenter (Buffy and Angel) and Paul Sculfor (Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier model ) and also features Sean Chapman (Frank from Hellraiser), Justin Hawkins (former frontman of The Darkness), Ricci Harnett (Rise of the Footsoldier, 28 Days Later ) and, I hear, there’s even a bit part for Axelle Caroyln Marshall (Doomsday).

The film is directed by one of the smartest dressed and politest directors, Reg Traviss, who is an up and coming independent British filmmaker who shot a huge war movie called Joy Division. On cinematography duties is Bryan Loftus who is the man behind the camera of In The Company of Wolves. Special effects is by one of the UK’s best, Tristan Versluis (Sweeney Todd, Book of Blood), James Boyle (Quantum of Solace) is on sound design and, of course, you’ve got me doing the production design!

Throw into the mix Red Sparrow/Kingsway Films - the production company linked to Zombies vs. Cockneys and John Landis’ The Bone Orchard - and the rest of the cast and crew thriving with ambition, I’d say we got a bloody good show going on here!

Vivid is a slight adaptation of a short film made in the late ’70s called The Dreamhouse. Reg has added a lot more beef to the screenplay and added some dark scenes and character undertones. We are led into the mind of Susan, an American crime writer who has recently married David and moved to a quiet part of the British country to finish her latest novel. She finds herself questioning her own sanity, whilst others around her are almost playing her as a game. There is a definite Straw Dogs element to this movie mixed with The Amityville Horror and classic, soft ’70s Hammer tones. This is more in line with sophisticated thriller/horror movies and is very British. I will be following up soon with a full set report including interviews with director Reg Traviss, Sean Chapman and, of course, Charisma Carpenter.