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Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter - "Voodoo Moon" New Horror Movie - Details

Saturday 21 May 2005, by Webmaster

Genre actors under a VOODOO MOON

Fango has learned that IDT Entertainment, the company behind the MASTERS OF HORROR series and numerous other current genre projects, has rolled a new genre feature called VOODOO MOON. The movie is set in a Midwestern town where a personification of the devil kills the entire population except a young boy named Cole and his sister. Twenty years later, the grown-up Cole (RESIDENT EVIL’s Eric Mabius, pictured), who has been pursuing the devil, prepares for a final confrontation, while his sister (ANGEL’s Charisma Carpenter) has developed the ability to sense disasters and death, and expresses them in her artwork. Cole calls on those he has helped over the years to assist him in his showdown with Satan, including a cop (Jeffrey Combs) and a biker (John Amos); the cast also includes Geoffrey (DEVIL’S REJECTS) Lewis, Jayne Heitmeyer, Kim Hawthorne, Rik Young and Rey Gallegos. We haven’t gotten any info on the filmmaking team yet, but we’ll post it as soon as we do. -Michael Gingold

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  • HAHA! sounds crap. why do sci fi tv stars HAVE to do crappy slasher/horror movies at least ONCE??????
  • The way I look at it, acting is just another kind of job. She’s found more work, and I’m happy for her.
  • Congratulations Charisma!
  • In an article, she said she didn’t want to be typecasted. Almost every movie or appearance she has did since she "left" Angel has been a role very parallel to her role on Angel. By the way, when she told her agent she didn’t want to be typecasted, her agent said something along the lines of, "..you have to be famous before you can be typercasted." :)
  • > Charisma Carpenter - ’Voodoo Moon’ New Horror Movie - Details

    23 May 2005 16:25, by alice in wonderland
    About typecasted, the one who said that to her was her old agent, when Joss offered Cordelia for her (she was one of the most firm candidates for Buffy, but obviously went to Gellar) and she wasn’t sure because she was playing a similar character on Malibu Beach. That’s was when her agent at that time said that to her. Also for similar roles? well, her Serena on Miss Match, even if the lines were similars to Cordy on BTVS, she played totally different and ended being a non related character. On LAX and, probalby one of the best performance I saw: The Division, the coma thing was the only thinf in common, nothing more. Also even if inCharmed her two appearence (very little were similar to Cordy), the third was waaaay more different than Cordy, nothing like her. Only in common because she was a Seer. But how she know the things (like with Pheobe’s phone) is was very different. This sounds like a typical horror movie, but certantly sound better than Marsters’ project or Mcnabb one. Damn, this sounds better than Valentine. And while I love the tendece of the "new horror", sometimes when the writers, directors, etc try to make some suppoused to be "intellingent and good" horror movie, the film ends being pure crap, and a more traditional movie is way better.