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Charlie Weber

Charlie Weber (Ben) - Moviehole.net Interview

Sunday 7 March 2004, by Webmaster

Interview : Charlie Weber

Posted on Thr, 4-Mar-2004

With all the focus on "Angel" at the moment, Moviehole thought we’d track down someone that’s also formerly of Sunnydale and see how they’ve been coping since leaving the world of "Buffy". The name mightn’t ring a bell -but the face definitely will. Yep, that’s Glory’s involuntary partner Ben from a couple of seasons back on “Buffy”. Clint caught up with actor Charlie Weber.

Charlie, this is ironic. You’re doing "Cruel Intentions 3"? A second sequel to a film starring Buffy herself?

Yeah. It’s another exploration of the joys of sexual deviancy. It’s at least as twisted, if not more so, than the original. If you enjoyed the original, I think this one will suit your taste.

Why a third film?

I think studios have found that people enjoy looking further into some of their favorite movies. So the storylines are already there and they just elaborate on the original. It’s going over quite well, so the studios just continue to do so.

How was it doing Buffy?

It was a wonderful experience in that it was my first big steady gig and to jump on a well-oiled machine or moving train like that was very beneficial to me to go to work every day with professional actors and a professional crew. Also to be able to explore possibilities and not being bound by reality, since I was doing a fantasy show...it really allowed me to have some fun with the character.

You still keep in touch with any of the Buffy crowd?

No, not particularly. I bump into them from time to time but I pretty much spent the fifth season as the new kid in school, so to speak and when it was over, I moved on with some great memories.

Before that. You were a model, right? Much of a transition?

Well there really wasn’t much of a transition at all because I moved to NY to study acting and the modeling thing just kinda fell in my lap. Once I felt ready to start working and I started working as an actor, I just started doing that full time.

What have you been doing lately?

I just finished working on the show Everwood for the WB. I am currently picking through pilots, seeing what’s out there. I am sorry to say that Superman hasn’t come my way.

You did a film with Buffy co-star Eliza Dushku called The Kiss. When’s that out?

In a technical sense, I think it has been released---it has played at some film festivals. I don’t know of any general release date as of yet. It was cool to be a part of a cast of people including independent veterans such as Ileana Douglas, Terrence Stamp and Billy Zane. It’s never a bad thing to work opposite a girl like Eliza Dushku.

Just how secretive are they with story lines on Buffy?

Extremely secretive.