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Christian Kane - About European Tour - Kanemusic.com Interview

dimanche 14 mai 2006, par Webmaster

How did you feel about the two concerts in London selling out so fast ? (One in about 16 hours and one in about 30 minutes)

Christian : It was shocking. We knew we had fans in London, but for them to come out like that was such a compliment. We felt honored.

Steve : Did it take that long ? Just kidding. It blew my mind. We love London !

Are you looking forward to your visit in Germany ?

Christian : We’ve never been ; so we are looking forward to meeting everyone there.

Steve : I can’t wait. I’ve never been and I’ve heard nothing but great things.

Are you planning to come to Europe more often in the near future (of course with the whole band) ?

Christian : Absolutely. The people here are too beautiful to stay away. We love it here.

Steve : I want to do every country... even Greenland !

Christian, are there any (new) upcoming projects ? Maybe something like a new movie ?

Christian : There’s a film called “Four Sheets to the Wind” which is a Native American film and a psychological thriller called “Hide.” There’s also a bad ass horror flick called “Death Walks the Streets.”

Why are the concerts in Europe only acoustic concerts ?

Christian : That’s not true.

Steve : We just played last year with the full band at The Garage. But it takes a lot to get that many people out of the country for one show. It needs to be a tour.

Why did you choose Jerrod Niemann to be your special guest ?

Christian : He’s probably going to have a lot of songs on our album because we’ve been co-writing with him. We wanted our European fans to become acquainted with him.

Steve : Cause he’s a great talent and a dear friend.

How do you like the collaboration with Jerrod ?

Steve : Incredible. We just wrote a song called “Still Missing You” together and he’s an amazing writer with a lot of life experience.

Is there anyone else you would like to work with ?

Christian : Too many to list, but everyone from Elton John to Eminem.

Steve : Too many to list also, but to start Ben Harper, Daniel Lanois, Diane Warren and Jeff Lynne.

What do you expect from your concerts in Europe ? Do you think they will be different from your gigs in the US ?

Steve : I keep saying this, but to approach a stage knowing you have friends and fans in the crowd, especially so far away from home, means more than one could imagine.

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