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Christian Kane - About his Career - Globalpop.com Interview

dimanche 26 mars 2006, par Webmaster

Christian Kane is a modern day renaissance man. He is best known to fans for playing the evil corporate lawyer, Lindsey McDonald on the TV series ANGEL. He is also very proud of his band, KANE.




GlobalPop :"Do you prefer Chris or Christian ?"

Christian Kane : "Whatever. Chris, Christian, Kane. They’re interchangeable."

GlobalPop :"Please tell me something about LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT."

Christian Kane : "It has an honor working with Angelina Jolie. Some people would cut off their right arm to have the opportunity offered to them. I got to play her fiance. Nobody can take that away from me."

GlobalPop :"What was it like appearing in SECONDHAND LIONS ?"

Christian Kane : "I got to be ’the young Robert Duvall’ character. I spent two weeks with him hanging out so that I could learn his mannerisms."

CHRIS says that THE GODFATHER is one of his all time favorite movies and a great influence on him. There are so many great actors in THE GODFATHER that he admires : "Robert Duvall, James Caan, Marlon Brando, of course."

CHRIS says it’s too bad that he’ll never get the chance to work with Marlon Brando, but he feels so honored to be able to say the he knows and worked with James Caan on LAS VEGAS and Robert Duvall in SECONDHAND LIONS.

He’s a great fan of all of Robert Duvall’s movies including THE GODFATHER and THE GREAT SANTINI

GlobalPop : "Do you embrace technology ?"

CHRIS was unsure about the question at first. As far as the use of digital characters replacing actors, he had a definite opinion.

Christian Kane : "I don’t like that sh*t". Not when "technology takes away my job."

I tried to come up with a relevant example. I mentioned that for In The Line of Fire digital imagery of a very young Clint Eastwood from the time of Dirty Harry was used to show a young Clint Eastwood as a raw cadet. The producers did it to make a point and decided NOT to hire an a different actor to play the youthful version of Eastwood’s character.

CHRIS did come up with an example of how he loves technology.

on doing voice over for the 24 video game http://www.2kgames.com/24/

Christian Kane : "Love technology when it is cool and amazing." He really enjoyed doing the voice-over work for the 24 video game. "It was me against Keifer Sutherland. I play Madsen, the bad guy."

"The real life stuff is the best in the world. It’s real, the risk of the danger of getting it wrong, I’m the only one who can screw it up, that’s the arenaline rush."

GlobalPop : "Is the collaborative process of acting important to you ?"

Christian Kane : CHRIS really enjoys the teamwork aspect of the collaborative process. "You have to keep your ear open. I don’t have the last word"

CHRIS likes to take on a challenge. He really enjoyed doing some stunt work for the episode where Lindsey had a sword fight with David Boreanaz as Angel. Doing the wire work for the elaborate fight sequence was great fun for CHRIS. "I got to do a back flip and jump all over and do sword fighting."



KANE was formed in 1998 by Christian Kane & Steve Carlson. Both are accomplished songwriters and guitarists whose passion to create and share their special breed of "outlaw country" soon became a Los Angeles phenomenon.

GlobalPop : "Can you tell me more about your band ?"

Christian Kane : CHRIS is the front man for his own band KANE, a 6 piece Southern Country Rock Band. "It’s KICK-ASS COUNTRY !"

CHRIS really enjoys the music scene equally as much as he enjoys acting. Music and acting are "two totally different things. Music and actor...I like them both."

"I do play guitar, just well enough to write." CHRIS mentioned how proud he is of his close friend and lead guitarist for his band, KANE. "Steve Carlson did the instrumental song L.A. which ANGEL producer David Greenwald wrote."

GlobalPop : "Where did you grow up ?"

Christian Kane : "I grew up in Oklahoma. I was born in Texas. I’m very proud being raised in Oklahoma. My Daddy was in the oil business. we moved around a lot. I went to 5 different elementary schools."

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