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Christina Hendricks - "Mad Men" Tv Series - Fashionmagazine.com Interview

lundi 6 octobre 2008, par Webmaster

This month’s cover goddess Christina Hendricks plays office bombshell Joan Holloway on the breakout 1960’s Madison Avenue drama Mad Men. In this web exclusive, she opens up about being curvy in Hollywood, shares her on-screen smoking tips and reveals the downside of being a fashion trendsetter.

The storytelling on Mad Men is consistently surprising. What’s the moment like when you get a new script ?

“In season one, I used to get my scripts and go [settles in] ‘Aaah,’ with my cup of coffee. Now, we all grab at them, flip through them for our names and see how much we’re in it. [Laughs] But it does feel like a gift, like you really don’t answer the phone for an hour. You sit and read that script.”

Nearly every character smokes on Mad Men. What’s tricky about that for you ?

“Keeping the cigarette lit, because the herbal cigarettes we use go out really quickly. If I take a drag now, I know that if I don’t take one within three lines, the thing will go out and then the scene will be ruined.”

The fashions of Mad Men have started influencing what we see in boutiques and on the runways, yet it seems like you can’t really get too into it or people will look at you funny.

“Exactly, like I’m crazy. ‘Poor Christina Hendricks, have you seen her ? She’s just wandering around Hollywood in a shift dress. She can’t let go. She wears a beehive at home.’ [Laughs] I really like vintage clothes but I tend to wear things from the ’40s more than the ’60s.”

As Joan, you’ve given us a more curvaceous brand of beauty and glamour than we’ve gotten from Hollywood lately. What’s that been like for you ?

“It’s been nice. I was a little fearful that people wouldn’t know what to do with it and be critical, but everyone’s been wonderful. I’ve still gotten a bit of, ‘It must be so great to be on a 1960’s show.’ I’m like, ‘Well, I’m on [the contemporary series] Life on Friday nights and it works there, too.’”

Has your figure ever been an issue in auditioning ?

“I had one audition where they said they loved me but they thought I was too heavy. And I said, ‘To be honest, fuck you, I’ll do Mad Men.’ Some casting people have had a hard time placing me because I’m tall, I’m curvy, I’m pale, all these things that don’t work in Hollywood necessarily. But I’m a really good actress and I believe that.”

Are you a natural redhead ?

“I’m dark blonde but I’ve always felt like a redhead. I started coloring my hair red when I was about 10. When I first started modeling, my agent was like, ‘It’s a disaster.’ So then I went honey blonde. Then I did a campaign for L’Oréal and they wanted red and after that, I started booking every job because there were so few redheads. So my agent let me keep it.”

Your father worked for the forest service. In what ways did his job rub off on you ?

“I’m super recycler. I’m the girl on set who’s picking the water bottles out of the garbage and putting them in the recycling bin, thinking, ‘It’s three feet away, people.’”

Your boyfriend, actor Geoffrey Arend, is going to be turning up soon on his own advertising-themed show drama, Trust Me. That’s quite a coincidence.

“It’s pretty incredible. While all the madness of Mad Men has been going on, he’s been by my side supporting me and then as soon as my show ends I get to jump in and do that for him. It’ll be perfect because he’s a little Mad Men-ned out. (Laughs) He’s like, ‘I can’t go anywhere without seeing your damn show !’”

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