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Clare Kramer

Clare Kramer - About her Career - Ifmagazine.com Interview

Sean Elliott

Saturday 25 March 2006, by Webmaster


BUFFY’s Season Five villain likes men (especially her huband) and loves to look different for every role she plays

Clare Kramer likes men, all kinds of men, but especially her husband. The cute and curvy bombshell was on hand last weekend at the Wizard World Los Angeles comic convention to sign autographs and have pictures taken with fans. Absolutely anyone who talks to Kramer will fall under her spell and become completely charmed by her smile and candid wit. iF MAGAZINE chatted Kramer up about being Glory the Hell God on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and what exactly she’s been up to this last year.

iF MAGAZINE: What projects have you been working on this year?

CLARE KRAMER: Well... I’ve vacuumed my house; I’m doing dishes and aside from the womanly chores...no just kidding. I make my husband do all of those. [Laughs] Last year aside from getting married I did three movies. The first was called THE GRAVE DANCERS, Dominic Purcell who is on PRISON BREAK plays my husband, and ghosts haunt us. That should be coming out by this summer I hope. Also in that was Josie Maran who was in VAN HELSING and Tcheky Karyo who is an awesome French actor that has been over a hundred films.

The second film I did is called THE FALLEN. It’s a period piece where I play a woman who has been wronged by her husband, who has fallen in with a family of Grifters. Jeremy London, John Savage were my costars and it’s going to be a good movie.

The third movie I did was THE THRIST. It’s an awesome vampire film. My character is dying of terminal cancer and she has to make a decision whether she wants to die and take her chances with the afterlife or whether she wants to become a vampire and explore that world. I think you can guess which choice she makes. Jeremy Sisto, Adam Baldwin, and Matt Keeslar were in that with me. It has a sort of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM type feel with the stylized lighting. It has something for everybody, vampires, sex clubs, death, destruction, and love. THE THIRST really takes vampires from a different angle. It parallels it to an addiction in Earthly life. There’s no fangs, no contacts, no prosthetics. Everyone is botoxed really nicely. No I’m KIDDING! Young forever, courtesy of Beverly Hills where botox flows like water.

iF: Tell me about the club you own with your husband?

KRAMER: He is actually a producer, but he took a year off and went into business with two other guys and bought a nightclub. We have named it Club Element on Hollywood and Las Palmas in Los Angeles. We just built a stage and are getting ready to have a re-opening. I wish it was open this weekend for everyone but it’s not, so all your readers will have to check it out next time you’re in town.

iF: Are you surprised that you have a fan following years after BUFFY?

KRAMER: I’m surprised I have any fan following. [Laughs] I’m not surprised that Joss Whedon’s shows have such a fan following. He’s such an unusual and classic writer. I think that he really tapped into a certain sensibility with his writing that is lacking in the rest of television. It doesn’t surprise me at all that people continue to admire his work and re-watch things and find new things about his shows.

iF: In the BUFFY/ANGEL annual you were voted the number one villain, what’s your reaction?

KRAMER: No Way! Can I get a copy of that? I absolutely have to get a copy of that. I’m so honored and flattered. In all honesty, when my character first made her appearance on the show, I don’t think people really liked the character. There was definitely a warming up period for Glory where people got to understand her dynamic. Thanks guys who voted!

iF: What do you think of being a toy?

KRAMER: The toy was shown to me, and the resemblance is striking. What can I say? At least she has a manicure and a pedicure. The number one question I get about the action figure is ‘why isn’t she in the red dress?’ I don’t have an answer for that. I also have people ask what happened to the red dress from BUFFY and I don’t have an answer to that either.

iF: Do you have any wisdom about working in TV?

KRAMER: Here’s some insight into working in television. EVERYONE IS SHORT. It’s true! That’s just L.A., that’s just actors in general. It’s funny Dominic and Matt who played my last two romances are both over six feet tall so it’s nice. I LIKE tall guys. I like short guys too. My husband is five ten. I like any guy, I’m not gonna lie. I just like men. Of course I like my husband the best.

iF: When did you cut off your hair?

KRAMER: I cut it off for THE GRAVE DANCERS, and it’s been growing back for seven or eight months, so you can imagine how short it was. I don’t like any of my characters to look the same. I don’t want someone to watch a movie and say ‘oh there’s Clare Kramer.’ I want them to watch the credits and be shocked that it was me. For me as an actor it’s a compliment that people say I always look different. Even though my hair was this length for THE THIRST I had extensions down to my waist and a purple short wig. For THE FALLEN I had black hair. As Glory it was all natural curls.