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Comic Con 2006 : Day 2 (david boreanaz mention)

Clint Morris

Friday 21 July 2006, by Webmaster

Only the second day of Comic Con, and I’ve gotta tell ya - I’m as exhausted as a hungry hooker.

The day was a combination of interviews (everyone from Sam ‘The Man’ Jackson to the lovely Hilary Swank and the monstorous cast of “Accepted”) and panels - but comic con being typically busy, one really had to think hard about which panel he got to (Even if that means, skipping those panels which, personally, you might be interested in doing. As a consequence, I missed out on a “She-Ra” panel. Kleenex time indeed).

Here’s a rundown of the panels that Moviehole pulled a seat up at :


Tosia attended the hot new series that they’re predicting - and she is, too - to be the next “Lost”. Sounds like a lot of fun. All but two of the ensemble cast (Greg Grunberg being one) showed up to talk about the film - after a special screening of the extended pilot. This was one of the most popular panels over the day, with people banging down the doors to get in.


Largely dedicated to plugging the bejesus out of next year’s “Stardust”. Author Neil Gaiman was one of the folks on the panel (the cast, including Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro, and director Matthew Vaughan, were filming) so book buffs went bodaciously bonkers. A slew of clips were shown from the film - which seems like a fervent cross between “The Brother’s Grimm” and “The Princess Bride”, and I mean that in a good way - including some hilarious stuff from co-star Ricky Gervais (including, rather surprisingly, a scene that seems to indicate his demise in the film). All in all, it looks good. Gaiman’s “Beowulf” was also promotped - but they only had a ‘logo’ of the film to show, which drew some cheesed-off laughs from the audience. He also touched upon some of the other film adaptations of his works that are happening (like “Coraline”, which he announced French & Saunders as playing ‘the old ladies’ in) and those that aren’t (like “Sandman”, which he’d rather not see mad as a movie at the moment, because it would turn out bad). Though no footage was available, there was a bit of “Transformers” news that sent fans into a frenzy : Peter Cullen will reprise his role (well, provide his voice again) as Optimus Prime for the new “Transformers” movie. Cool as Frozen Bananas.


David Boreanaz is funny. And he can do one hell of a Christopher Walken impersonation. Eh.

Children of Men

Universal’s panel was, surprisingly, one of the most entertaining. Surprise guest Guillermo del Toro introduced- and consequently conducted the Q&A - his friend, the film’s director Alfonso Cauron. Footage from the film was shown (looks pretty heavy going, but could be good) - quite a bit actually - which was good, but more entertaining was the banter between the hosts.

Star Wars Spectacular

Steve Sansweet, head of Lucasfilm’s Fan Relations, had a few things to say on upcoming offerings from the George Suite. The “Star Wars” animated series will be out in 2008 - which will be set during the clone wars, when Anakin Skywalker has achieved his Jedi status - and he hopes that the live-action series will be out by 2010. As for “Indiana Jones 4”, he says he hopes it’ll start filming towards the end of this year, or next year. (but we’ve heard that before).

A few more things probably worth mentioning, but they’ll have to wait, got a party to get to and I tell ya, I’ve done that many interviews today that my finger will impusively stab me in the eye if I continue to tip tap on this keyboard....