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David Fury - "Lost" Series - Davidfury.net Interview

mercredi 18 août 2004, par Webmaster

Allyson : Let’s talk about this whole Lost thing. The commercials are at Vertigo levels of intense. The characters are constantly terrified and yet running around in their panties like teenagers in a slasher flick. You’ve been a comedy writer for a long time, where does the funny fit in with the intense sort of premise ?

Fury : Well, if you don’t think grown men and women running around in their panties is funny, then we have nothing left to discuss...

But, seriously... Angel and Buffy had their fair share of intense and terrifying episodes and somehow a little comedy always found its way in. LOST is not all that different, except for the fact we’re coming off an extremely devastating plane crash. Characters aren’t going to be quick with the quirky, snarky talk. Give ’em a chance to settle into their new world. You’ll be busting a gut in no time. As for the pilot and the first couple of eps... I think there are already a number of humorous sequences.

A : All roads leading back to Mutant Enemy, I see that Daniel Dae Kim is in the cast. He sure is sexy. Will he be running around in his panties ?

Fury : Daniel prefers thongs, I’m afraid to say.

A : Can I still call him Gavin ?

Fury : Yes. But that would be stupid. His names is Jin — pronounced "Jin."

A : It looks like there’s a ton of survivors on the island, an enormous cast to write for. Is there a Venn diagram in the writers’ room ? Has it been difficult to transition from writing for a small group of core characters in Buffy and Angel to this ? What sort of process goes into writing for such a large cast ?

Fury : Obviously, the large cast presents some challenges. But we actually only focus on eleven or twelve of the 48 survivors. Having the other castaways (who we lovingly call "meat socks" can and will supply us with other stories as we go. They’re no different from all those extras working at Wolfram and Hart, or who populated Sunnydale High.

Still, twelve characters is an awful lot... But shockingly are stories are flowing (we’re already on episode 7 after as many weeks). Every episode will focus on and get us closer to each of the characters and his or her particular arc. Almost feels like an anthology, which I think’s a good thing.

A : Everything looks so lush and rainforesty. Is this shot entirely on location ? Where are the island scenes shot ?

Fury : Every single bit is shot on the island of Ohahu. After the third episode, our interiors and swing sets are shot in an abandoned Xerox building we’ve just refashioned as a sound stage. It was abandoned about six years ago because it was the site of the WORST MASS MURDER IN HAWAII’S HISTORY !!! Trus story. We actually had to have the building blessed by a priest, a rabbi, a minister and even some native religious types to purge the space of any unholy spirits. Don’t need that lighting fixture coming down and crushing an actor or key grip.

A : Will there be coconut radio gags ? One can never really get enough of those.

Fury : Really ? Never enough ? Well... Coconut radio gags, it is. And plenty of them.

A : Spoilers are already popping up on the net. What’s the deal with the polar bear looking creature ?

Fury : The polar bear looking creature is a polar bear.

A : Are they marooned on the Island of Dr. Moreau ?

Fury : Well, no. That’s a make-believe story. This is reality.

A : You’re not going to tell me, are you ?

Fury : I just did.

A : You had a reputation for being a mischievious instigator in the Buffy and Angel fandoms. Any plans to terrorize the Lost ’net fandom ?

Fury : I’ve already got a few trussed up in my basement. Occasonally, I poke them with something, but usually, I just let the rats have their way.

Thinking of opening a LOST FAN FIGHT CLUB. Then we can really go at it.

A : Now that you’re on a real network, they’ve given you an assistant. What, exactly, does your assistant do ?

Fury : Anything I tell him to. Right now he’s programmed to assasinate a high ranking government official. Just waiting for me to give him the order. Ah, it’s great to have power.

A : I mean, is he getting paid for all the shit I do for free ?

Fury : If you can call it "pay." It is Disney, after all. Cheapest studio in this and a few other universes.

A : Have you briefed him on how important I am ?

Fury : Uh... Sorry. Who are you again ?

I’m kidding, Angela !

Special Celebrity Question from Big Hollywood Producer, Tim Minear : Fury, why are you so mean ?

Fury : Because cream puffs like Minear get crushed in this business. It takes someone really obnoxious and untalented to be as angry as I. (Yes, "I" is correct. Not "me," you illiterate morons.)

Ahhhhh... That felt good.

A : You did a bit of acting on Buffy and Angel. Any chances we’ll see you running amok on the island in your panties ? ?

Fury : Just gonna have to stay tuned and find out.

A : Oh, speaking of acting, here’s a question from Mutant Enemy President, Chris Buchanan : When did you realize that your acting career was over ?

Fury : I... I didn’t until... that bastard Buchanan just said it. Damn you, Buchanan !! Damn you to Hell !!!

A : Did you snag any souvenirs from the Angel set before they tore it down ?

Fury : I actually have the peepee demon living in my linen closet. Thinking about putting him up on E-Bay.

A : What do you miss most about working in the Whedonverse ?

Fury : The people. The miniature golf. The Half-Life. The Poker...

Oh, yeah... And the gratification of writing for Joss. He is, and always will be the best.

A : What are you loving most about working on Lost, so far ?

Fury : The people. The magnetic dart board. The fascist security guards on the Disney lot....

Damon Lindelof, the co-creator of Lost with J.J., is a BRILLIANT young writer who’s gonna have a huge Whedon/Abrams-like following very soon. He’s what I love the most.

A : Some fans wanted some closure on Angel, and are feeling all sad and empty about the open ending in the alley. Let’s help them get over it. The dragon ate Angel, and Spike dusted himself on a rusty nail, right ?

Fury : Oh, no no... Angel and friends defeated the entire army from Hell, killed the dragon, and destroyed Wolfram and Hart. The world is a utopia, where there’s no more sickness or wars... And Angel, Spike, Buffy and The Immortal are sharing a villa together in the South of France. Ahhhh.... That’s nice , isn’t it ?

A : Final question. If JJ and Joss were marooned on an island, who would end up with the conch shell ?

Fury : I would. Bigger, y’know.

But Joss would tell me what to say.

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